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Joe Vitale fans. 
If you are on this page you may have come from author Joe Vitale's site or his blog or you heard one of his interviews on his podcast where he interviews Pete
and I wanted to make sure that you got an active link.
I'm making a bunch of changes to the website and order page for
Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel's  Self Improvement programs.

So if you are interested in any of 

Pete Siegel's Hypnosis self improvement programs
  you can order each of
on the individual page for the program OR
If you don't see one of Peters programs on this site, please go to www.getinthezonesports.com
and look for the program there because I  probably placed it there.

We very much appreciate  Author Joe Vitale's support of Pete Siegel. 
Meanwhile here is some ordering info for you

We ship world wide from
Reno Nevada daily and you can order by going to the page for each individual program or pay 
using paypal or by sending a check or money order to the address  shown to the left. 
Most of Peters programs are available as a printed book and CD  or as an E-book and mp3 download.
If you get the downloadable version you will receive an email from me the same day with a link to the download. I do this manually so please  be patient.
If  you have questions  please call our office at 775-425-5847
or   send an email to

I am a company of 2 people and we generally respond the same day but  please be a bit patient.
Thank you
Chris Cady

Chris Cady
All Star Peak Performance Center
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