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This page is ONLY for my prospective football clients who are interested in working on their mental game.
You should only be on this page if you were invited to work with me.
The Secret To Playing Legendary Football is not just in physical conditioning but in training YOUR MIND.
Want Proof?
THE videos below will show you how hypnosis makes football players produce significantly better results!   You'll see former members of the Dallas Cowboys, Raiders, & two college football team all using hypnosis!

Haven't seen enough studliness yet?  Checkout  Bodybuilder  Mr. Olympia, Tom Platz Working Out While Under Hypnosis.

Sports hypnosis gives you the winning edge. Training your mind with hypnosis allows you to take your body to new levels. Notice how this champion bodybuilder is totally focused, making his body perform exactly the way he wants it to.
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More Football Players Hypnotized!  Watch this very short video clip of me hypnotizing the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) Football Team the week before the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. This very short clip was taken at the beginning of the hypnosis show where I again demonstrate how quickly this football player can go into hypnosis. This lineman is way too big for me to catch so I put him in the chair. After this demonstration the rest of the show is pure fun.  At the end of the show I guided the entire team through a very powerful hypnosis visualization process.

Do You Want To Know More About How Hypnosis Can Help YOUR  Football Team?  Watch this football hypnosis video. Here is some news footage of my sports hypnosis mentor / trainer Peter Siegel hypnotizing an entire college football team so that they can access and focus their mental resources that are responsible for them playing at their best. These football players use mental training to direct those resources for total game DOMINANCE! You will see from the news report that the team WONThis is what you should expect when you bring me in to work with your team.
Its a really great clip that also embodies that kind of  mental game training that I do for football teams. I do this at the end of the show with your football players.

Watch this video FOOTBALL Hypnosis mental training with Dallas Cowboy's Strong Safety Bill Bates. Mental training really helped Bill. He worked on mental conditioning both on and off season. The weights were used here as a demonstration of focus & power.  Enjoy this news footage of my sports hypnosis mentor, trainer, coach, Peter Siegel who I consider the "Einstein" of sports hypnotherapy. He trained me in sports hypnotherapy.  Being trained by Peter is like having the worlds top sports coaches in every sport being your personal coach, trainer or mentor.

Watch This Video of Raiders Kicker Jeff Jaeger using Hypnotherapy / mental game training. Jeff used hypnosis to help him FOCUS on the outcome that he WANTED. Instead of what he did NOT want to have happen in the game.  This is an example of how I wil help your football players.

Pete's methods have impressed me to a degree where I now use them personally, and I have applied them
within my coaching of all my players." Bob Casullo, Special Teams Coach
Seattle Seahawks (formerly NY Jets & Oakland Raiders)

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775-425-5847 sports hypnotherapy line

Legendary Football Players Understand That the new frontiers of sports training are not solely in physical conditioning, but in training your mind.

Hypnosis is a powerful mental conditioning technique that will move you toward generating and experiencing maximum performance. With my techniques you will be able to unify your mind and body for increased power, and speed.  You will focus your mind strictly in the moment, dispel anxiety and consistently experience relaxed fluid high impact performance. 
   When you use hypnosis to train your mind, you can  move forward  towards greater improvement in football or in any sport  very quickly.
YOU WILL get the most out of yourself and always perform as

The NO B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions Program
Was created by me but is based on the secret hypnosis methods of Peter Siegel who was my mentor and trainer in Sports Hypnotherapy.

The following NFL players were some of our clients before and during my time working with Pete. (There  are  way more athletes however I am only listing those who did not require a confidentiality agreement) Max Starks Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Lineman Eric Johnson New Orleans Saints Tight End Bill Bates Dallas Cowboys Strong Safety, Jim Jeffcoat Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman, Kevin Brooks Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman Jeff Jaeger LA Raiders Field Goal Kicker, Bob Golic LA Raiders Nose Tackle, Steve Beuerlein LA Raiders Quarterback, Mike Dyal LA Raiders  Tight End, Pete Koch Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Lineman, Jim Byrne LA Rams Defensive Lineman, Lyle Alzado Cleveland Browns/LA Raiders Defensive Lineman

He coached & worked on the mental game of football using hypnotherapy on the following  notable college football players NOTABLE COLLEGIANS Troy Aikman UCLA Quarterback, (went on to NFL: Cowboys),Matt Stevens UCLA Quarterback, (went on to Arena Football), Lance Zeno UCLA Center (went on to NFL: Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers) Mark Schmidt UCLA Defensive Lineman (went on to NFL: Rams)

no bs super mental toughness for football champions using sports hypnotherapy
sports hypnotherapy for football college football hypnosis  with hypnotist chris cady and cal bears

Cal Berkeley Football Players Hypnotized!  Here I am  hypnotizing Cal Berkeley Football Players as part of a team bonding  event.  This photo was taken at the start of the show.  You'll probably notice that one of the football players is face down on the floor.  He made the mistake of telling me that he couldn't be hypnotized. As the smallest man in the room I had to prove myself so I knocked him into hypnosis in about 1 second.
no bs super mental toughness for football champions using sports hypnotherapy
WATCH THIS VIDEO This is a short clip from the beginning of a hypnosis show that I performed for the UNR Football Team.  This football player also told me that he could not be hypnotized.  Watch me "knock him out " in 1 second
football sports hypnotherapist chris cady hypnotizes football team
Here I am doing sports hypnosis with the Cal Berkeley Football Team
for a team bonding event.