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Who Else Wants To Get Rid of The Yips?
How To Cure, Fix, Get Rid of The Yips in Golf
and turn "YIPS" into "YEPS"

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H. Sports  Hypnotherapist and Chris Cady Golf / Sports Hypnotherapist

THIS CHAPTER on "Fixing, Curing and Beating The Yips"
"Super Mental Toughness For Golf. "
Here's a common golf scenario that  clients who have a case of "the yips" have experienced.

    You've got a 6 footer for par.  As you analyze the break, you sense a flat roll, straight on approach will naturally move the golf ball into the cup.

    As you set up to the golf ball, you begin to feel uncomfortable within.  Your mind is racy, you feel a notable tension, and you even experience a slight but noticeable shaking in your hands and legs.

    "Oh no, the damn yips," you say.  And with that, you execute a way-too-tense putt that moves the golf ball right toward, and then 4 feet past the hole.  "Man; if I ever could control this feeling I have when I putt, I know I could really lower my handicap, and develop into a pretty decent golfer.  But it seems like this nervousness happens automatically every time I have a pressure putt!"

    All golfers have experienced the "yips", that nervous, self conscious shakiness which seems to emerge from our depths when the money is on the line.
    I have to make this putt for par...I have to, I have to, I Have to, I HAVE tooooo!!  Pressure?  What pressure?!

At least that's what golfers who have "the yips" THINK that they "HAVE" to do

    Instead what you as a golfer has to do is to learn to inwardly compose yourself, and embrace a comfortable, free flowing expectation of success.  Then, you can decide upon the break, set up to the ball, and comfortably, confidently execute.

    In golf and in all sports "Yips" stem from unconsciously trying not to, and hoping you won't, fail (thinking how you and your score will be if you do).  The "YEPS" happen when you strive to succeed (and clearly embrace the image, feeling, and expectation of what this means for you).

    If you're a golfer who usually experiences the "yips", go ahead and apply the following before each putt:
        Stand at the fringe of the green, and let your eyelids close down.
        Inhale a long, deep breath through your nostrils, allowing your stomach to expand and distend (diaphragm breathing) as you do.
        Then, s-l-o-w-l-y exhale the breath through your mouth.
        Recall a vivid positive golf memory of you setting up to, proficiently executing, and sinking a putt others felt was difficult, but you knew you could hole (and you did).
        Mentally play this successful golf scenario through to its completion.
        Then inwardly say to yourself (and mean it), "I can putt efficiently.  And I can do it right now, just as well!"
        Then envision yourself setting up to and succeeding with the putt you're about to play, feeling wholly confident and assured of your ability as a golfer.
            (Don't just "watch" yourself doing this, experience yourself doing, as if you're actually physically executing your putt in the moment.)
        Then, feel the ground beneath your feet, slowly let your eyelids open...and execute your putt.
    You can do this process before each putt you apply, thus reinforcing yourself and putting ability.  It should take you 6-8 total seconds to perform.  And each time you apply it, you'll get more efficient in its application, and its effect upon you.
    Remember; another label for "the putt you have to make for par" is... "Just another shot to smoothly, efficiently play through!"

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