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Hypnosis for golf.  Golfers How can you experience "the Zone "  more often when you golf? 

Golf Digest Devotes An Entire Issue To hypnosis and"The Zone" for playing  better Golf using Hypnosis and mental game training -- And Uses Legendary  Golf / Sports Hypnotherapist  Pete Siegel
As Their Lead Interviewee And Demonstration Practitioner

Using Hypnosis for YOUR MENTAL GAME OF Golf,  YOU WILL...
Golf With Effortless Confidence, and Stay Mentally Locked-In…
Shot After Shot!

Play Golf Completely Relaxed And Loose (Without Even “Trying”)  - Led By The Instinctive Flow That Automatically Triggers Your True Ability To Golf With Your Full Ability!

With The Incredible “Bringing Forth The Zone”   Golf  Mental game training program,  Now You Will — Guaranteed!

No More “Hit Or Miss”, “Sometimes It’s There / Most Times Not”, “I ‘Hope’ The Zone Occurs” Anguish.
Now You’ll Discover - First Hand - The Specific “Inner  Golf Mental Game Secrets” Which Will Directly Help You Activate The Zone — And Help You Golf Effortlessly - And Successfully - Because Of It!

Hey Golfers - The Information That This Golf Book and  CD / Mp3 download Gives You
Will  help you play better golf for  years. 

You,Experiencing Naturally Smooth And Easy Play, And Lower Scores Consistently, Will - Flat Out - Prove It!!

    If you’re an experienced golfer, you already know how incredible you play when you’re "in the Zone."  There’s no “trying” at all; there’s just effortless do-ing, and doing it naturally smoothly, precisely, and completely successfully.

    But, how can you experience the Zone  more often when you golf? 

What can you do to encourage it, and have it become a regularly experienced playing asset?

    …as you read on now, you’ll see how you can start bringing forth, The Zone every time that you set foot on a golf course.

    I’ve been working with pro golfers now for over 25 years.  And, by necessity, I’ve studied "the Zone" - especially with my golf clients client accounts where they knew they were “in the zone" - so I could break it down into component parts that served to stimulate, and sustain it!

    These “parts,” individually and collectively, produce the Zone state; it’s no longer a mysterious, “not understood well enough” condition.    Now I’ve identified 10 specific, Zone instigating factors
– easy to apply factors which act as a catalyst to producing the Zone… for you when you golf!

     Do they work?  Good question; let me now answer it.

Golf Digest Devotes An Entire Issue To How Golfers Can Use Hypnosis to Get in The Zone -- And Uses Pete Siegel
As Their Lead Interviewee And Demonstration Practitioner

    The July ‘04 issue of Golf Digest (the biggest golf magazine in the world) is devoted to the subject of the Zone.  I personally informed, educated (and probably “bugged”) instruction editor Scott Smith for two straight years trying to get the magazine to highlight this exceedingly important Zone issue.

    Finally, through Scott’s open minded commitment to golf, and to his readers, Golf Digest decided to deeply explore the Zone.

    They interviewed me not once, twice, or even three times -- they interviewed me six times for this piece.  They were relentless, and left no stone unturned. They “picked” as much of my brain as they could. Two of these were demonstration/interviews held at the Bear Creek Country Club in Temecula, California, so I could personally demonstrate my Zone activation methods with their writers and golfers

    The results I produced spoke loud and clear.  And so did their detailed and noteworthy account of what I showed them (appearing in the July ‘04 issue).

    They clearly saw, as you will too, that you can mentally encourage "the Zone" and actually lead yourself into its unconscious flow whenever you golf.

Their Excitement Was Electric As I Then Told Them
The 10 Zone Catalyst Factors of Golf I’d Identified!

   Listen to this: After the sixth interview, it hit me and stopped me dead in my tracks.  A “secret” became unearthed  too important and too powerful not to be acted upon. The Zone factors I’d identified were not just for their magazine story, but needed to be developed into a golf book…so thousands upon thousands of golfers worldwide could learn how to use hypnosis and make the Zone a more consistent factor of their game -- all aspects of their game.

    So, I did!  “Bringing Forth The Zone - for Golf” is a completely detailed, specific information packed
book which provides you easy to understand, easy to follow, step-by-step proven strategies — Zone encouraging strategies, all directly linked to you experiencing, and then playing golf within, the instinctive unconscious flow dimension by using hypnosis.  (And you already know how incredibly you play when you’re there!)

Just Look At What You Get With “Bringing Forth The Zone For Golf

    I personally give you the 10 specialized, Zone activation factors through which will move your golf game onto automatic pilot.  Each factor has an incredible development strategy connected to it, so you can keep building your capacity to go deeper, and deeper into the Zone.  You get power packed information on:

Organizing the whole of your life -- this will eliminate energy draining influences so that you can play better golf the way that you know that you should play!

Becoming  thoroughly diligent in your practice efforts -- you’ll condition excellence  and a commitment to improve your golf game!

Sustaining success  emotions through hypnosis -- the secret to remaining invincibly positive both in and outside of golf.

How to p-l-a-y golf (and not “work” golf) -- you’ll fully enjoy your game; all aspects
       of your game!

Positively mentally activating yourself before, and during your rounds -- how to remain confidence fueled every time you play!

Emotionally rebounding after bad shots -- stop “beating yourself up”, start building  yourself up!

Developing the self image of you as a capable, competent player -- you will automatically etch this image into your mindset! 

Detailing exactly what you want (not what you “don’t” want) -- you’ll lead yourself away from failure, and catapult yourself towards success in golf!

What you must mentally/emotionally do to continue playing well, and consistently generate the peak of your ability – Wow; wait to see what happens when you learn this one!

Mastering the art of empowering golf self-talk -- you’ll talk yourself out of problems and into effectiveness! 

    Implementing each proven factor will pay you rapid, decisive playing dividends…and help you continue to golf at your best…Guaranteed!

Here’s What To Do, Now!

    Now, it’s your turn to start becoming a Zone driven golfer. By now, you’re thoroughly motivated to get your hands on one of the special-edition copies of this new, ground breaking golf program.

    In fact, I personally guarantee through using this program, your concentration, focus, confidence, emotional consistency, self belief, and performance expression will take on whole new dimensions — and so will the lower scores you’ll start regularly experiencing.

    So C’mon - get yourself started Today -- And take this important step into the Zone, which naturally moves you to golf at your Best!

    “Bringing Forth The Zone for Golf©” This never before available,  information-packed golf book comprehensively reveals the 10 specific Zone catalyst factors needed for great golf and is now only $49.95 (plus $9.95 p&h). Go ahead and order your results guaranteed “Bringing Forth The Zone for Golf©” program Now!

P.S.    Remember, training your mental game of golf by using  this hypnosis program combined with  physical practice is the  key to playing golf at your best. You have everything to gain here, and absolutely no risk what-so-ever!
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