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Wanna Play Better Golf?
You need a tougher mental game and you get that through hypnosis.

Who Else Wants To Shave Strokes, Gain 50 Yards and Have The Same Ultra High Levels of
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Dear fellow golfer,
If you are looking  to Improve Your Golf Game Quickly and Easily by using hypnosis to train your "mental game" so you can shave strokes, sink more putts and add yards to your game, this is the most golf program that you will ever use.

Here is why:

This amazing program is called,
“Peter Siegel's Super Mental Toughness For Golf Using Hypnosis "

As a result of using this  mental game training with hypnosis program

Here's what will happen with YOUR Golf Game Quickly and Easily!

    · You will automatically eliminate fear about mistakes and obstacles that causes mental tension!

    · With hypnosis You'll have a precision, laser like focus on each specific shot!

    · You'll eliminate "the yips" so that you sink more putts!

    · With hypnosis You'll develop the most powerful visualization techniques used by top PGA golf pros.

    · You'll automatically have your mind clear and calm no matter what's happening around you.

    ·By training your mind using hypnosis specifically for golf You'll learn what to do to snap back into "the zone" if you suddenly "loose it".

You will learn all of this - plus you will conquer your own personal golf challenges and You'll get the big breakthrough that you need to propel yourself to the next level - so that you can "be all that you can be" as a golfer and get more of yourself then you've ever experienced before.

Remember, what you do before your swing determines 95% of the outcome. That's why mastering golf's mental game is critical to your success as a golfer!

Dear fellow golfer,
If you are looking  to Improve Your Golf Game Quickly and Easily by using hypnosis to train your "mental game" so you can shave strokes, sink more putts and add yards to your game, this is the most golf program that you will ever use.

Here is why:

Through 25 years of working with pro golfers, Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel isolated the critical MENTAL GAME factors that any golfer (including you) can use to  master the fundamentals of golf's all important mental game.

If you've been golfing for awhile, you already know how essential your mind is to playing at your best, and to making your best, even better. Literally the "inner game" of golf is what determines the quality of your outer game.

So let me share with you how this unique golf program gives you all that you need and the specific tools and strategies that  enable you to master the fundamentals of golf's mental game, so that you get more out of yourself - consistently - than you've ever experienced before!

Using This Amazing Golf Hypnosis Program Is

All you have to do is read the book and then listen to this CD or mp3 download  at bedtime 30 minutes every night for 30 nights and a few hours before you golf,  You can do so as part of a quick nap or at your regular bedtime and - You will become deeply relaxed and the hypnotic suggestions for being a more focused, more confident better golfer who is IN THE ZONE will go to your

subconscious mind and ZOOM....You will be the golfer you have always dreamed of becoming.

I invite you to try Peter Siegel's  Super Mental Toughness For Golf  CD 100% RISK FREE!

Because, whenever we do business, I take all the risk - NOT YOU!

You have nothing to risk because if it does not work for you for any reason at anytime ever just send it back for a FULL refund (minus shipping and handling). There are No

weasel clauses, no questions asked. Just a full refund the same day that you return it.

This amazing golf mental game program includes a 45 page manual in which Peter takes you, step by step, through the 8 specific fundamental factors essential to succeeding with the mental aspect of golf.

Each factor is presented in a way that allows you to easily cultivate and master it, with specific instructions on using the techniques detailed during your practice, and actual playing rounds.

The Super Mental Toughness For Golf manual finishes with a 5 aspect pre-round success element checklist you go through to ensure you're inwardly set to play your best golf possible.

This comprehensive system also includes a 2 program audio (available in CD or mp3 format) entitled Golfing Mega-Success Programming.

Track A is a verbal/narrative version used the night before your round to subconsciously condition the affinity to express peak playing skills, confidence, and
sustained mental toughness...during your entire round.

Track B is a subliminal version of Track A  that  you use in your car, as a success expectation builder, as you drive to your course. (Detailed instructions are included for using each audio program.)

This program is comprehensive, deeply informative, easy to apply, and mega-results targeted.

It gives you bottom line, proven methods that let you master the foundational mental dynamics involved in you playing your greatest golf. And through using this program, I unconditionally guarantee you'll consistently play at peak levels...and lower your score!
This Book and CD or mp3 and E book  is $69.95 (plus $10.95 postage & handling).
Go Ahead; Order Your Copy... NOW !

Super Mental Toughness For Golf
How To Master Golfs Mental Game and Lower Your Score

Golf mental toughness for golf cd book cover peter siegel
Golf Hypnosis Super Mental Toughness For Golf 
How To Master Golfs Mental Game and Lower Your Score With Hypnosis
By Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
This Book & CD or Mp3  is $69.95
(plus $10.95 shipping & handling).
Go Ahead; Order Your Copy... NOW !
Here is a very small partial list of golfers Pete helped using sports hypnosis
USC Women’s Golf Team
James McLean  
Natalie Gulbis
Jason Semmelsberger
    Jill McGill
Mike Blewitt
    Joy Li Chen
Tom Silva
   Martha Nause
Scott Parron
    Gerry Britz
Dan Stottlemyre    
Joe Byrom
"Pete’s brutal honesty, while still being caring & understanding, has helped take my game to the next level. Through his methods, I’ve come to understand my strengths, & have built up my weaknesses.  And in doing so, I have become notably more confident & self-assured -- both on & off the course. Working with Pete - & using Success Mind Sets & Bringing Forth The Zone - has decidedly helped me improve the quality of my golf game; Pete Siegel’s influence has helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams...making the PGA Tour."
James McLean
PGA Tour Playing Professional
"To play your best golf consistently, you need unwavering confidence and focus as much as you do skill with your clubs.

Developing performance strengthening confidence and focus BY TRAINING YOUR MENTAL GAME USING HYPNOSIS is what this golf hypnosis program is all about. Pete Siegel's methods help you cultivate these factors efficiently, and decisively.

You go to the driving range and putting green to continually improve with your driver, irons and putter; this book masterfully helps you do the same with your mental game!"

Natalie Gulbis
LPGA Tour Playing Professional

"Any top golf pro will tell you that the difference between winning and losing on tour is mental toughness. While there are countless golf-instruction books that aim to teach the average golfer how to swing a club better, few offer instructions on how to master golf's mental game. Pete Siegel does just that, providing specific, action-oriented steps and strategies that all golfers can follow before, during and after their round."

Scott Smith
Senior Editor, Instruction / Golf Digest

"Pete Siegel turns the complexities of the mind -- and its resultant effects on our bodies -- into a simple, but powerful, way for the rest of us to understand. Better yet, he then shows us how we can master our thoughts and turn them into practical ways that enable us to "climb that mountain" we know as the game of golf."

Rick Johnson
Managing Editor Natural Golfer magazine

"The mental game is golf's last frontier, and Pete Siegel is one of it's cutting edge explorers."

Jaime Diaz
Senior writer / Golf Digest

"Pete Siegel's newest program Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© is completely new and lucid mental instruction for peak performance. It distils the basic fundamentals for playing that rarest type of golf--with absolute confidence every time. No golfer who wishes to play better can afford not to give it their undivided attention."

Colin Sheehan
Senior Editor / The Golfer Magazine

"All golfers sense ability beyond what they usually bring onto the course. Pete Siegel's easy-to-understand, targeted methods help players find and connect with this increased ability within. This book provides serious players with mental/emotional strategies they can use to bring forth and demonstrate this ability... consistently."

Jason Sowards
Editor In Chief / Golf Illustrated

"This program provides definite methods for mastering the mental side of the game that all golfers, particularly competitive players, can benefit from."

Mike Chwasky
Senior Editor / Golf Tips Magazine

"All golfers look for an 'edge' to improve their games. Siegel's program of mastering golf's mental game gives them that, plus!"

Bob Koczor
Publisher and Editor / Golf Today Magazine

"The truly wonderful part of Siegel's approach to instruction is its simplicity. Siegel's program is a focus on possibilities rather than a flood of physical impossibilities. He provides you lasered mental focus, an edge in improving and competing in the game."

Kirk C. Taylor
Managing Editor / Golfer's Guide