fear overcome fear of rejection failure performance anxiety

There are two things that hold people down and keep people from living their  DREAMS
Even if you are not physically in chains you might as well be if you are mentally and emotionally in chains due to
Fear of Rejection, Fear of Failure fear of , not being god enough, having to be perfect

or any other FEARS that prevent you from taking forward action even if you have a  strong DESIRE, DREAM AND A PASSION for the activity.

So if you came here because you actually want to get rid of your  FEARS  overcome fear of rejection failure performance anxiety or anything else and start doing what you are meant to do. I can help.

because we have a variety of  EASY to use books and audio programs written by
Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel  and Chris Cady that Take You - Step By Step - Through The Incredible Mental
Transformation Which  Makes Life Say Yes...To Even You!
And If Im wrong YOU get to see it for FREE.

Do you want to be more CONFIDENT and experience more Success In Your Life?

Good because
Success Is Never An Accident, But The Result Of A Wholly Success Conditioned State Of Mind!
Just think about that for a minute. It might take a minute to absorb because if you have been held back  by FEAR its due to some kind of mental conditioning.

Self Confidence, Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright For Singers, Musicians and  Public Speakers

If you are  a singer or musician of any kind or need to do any kind of public speaking and you are being held back by FEAR, performance anxiety aka stage fright. I have a program that will help you overcome this fear very quickly.
I placed them on their own website


Do you need more confidence or help overcoming a FEAR?
I have had many retired athletes come back here and tell me that they were confident in every area of their life except for writing and it was keeping them from  writing books about their awesome sports careers. I have had "regular" people tell me the same.

If you are a writer and you are not finishing your book because you are being held back  by  SELF DOUBT, FEAR OF REJECTION, FEAR OF FAILURE or any other fearful or less than positive thinking  I have a book and audio program that is specifically for writers  and that includes fiction, non fiction and even  people who write songs.
Of course if you want a book and cd that will help you gain self confidence for more general matters  Peter Siegel's  Super Self Confidence is the  best program for you.  Its on another page in this site at
This self confidence book and audio CD or mp3  download is like  drinking rocket fuel for your self confidence and you can apply it to any area of your life.

Why do some people seem to always succeed in their endeavors, and have things consistently work out for
them?  And why do they just keep "trying" and "doing" and moving FORWARD  even when they get told NO or don't get the result that they wanted?

Its a matter of state of mind.

EITHER FEAR OR CONFIDENCE IS your state of mind. One of them will  determine your  decisions and behaviors.   FEAR and CONFIDENCE cant live in the same place at the same time.
The good news is that  you can   learn to get rid of fear and  replace it with confidence.

From 26 years of working with so many people whove gone on to become mega-millionaire, super
performers, Pete knew that the difference is not as much a factor of hard work, as it is self image, thought,
belief CONFIDENCE  those who succeed, advance, grow, achieve, and triumph, expect to. They sense they
will, they assume they will, they believe they will success is the only possibility - the only outcome - their
mind considers!

There is no room for doubts, "what if's", "I 'hope' I can's", or "well, let's just 'see' what happens here". There
is only, "I will get, acquire, produce, or become what Im after; I will make it the very fact of my life!"

The State Of Mind Shift That Changes Your Life

Imagine how you would be, and how your life would be, if you started to think and feel confidently. Would
you make more money? Would you take more action,  and get more of what you want instead of just  hope and DREAM  about it? 

This is why Pete and Chris developed programs that are a step by step development manual that enables
people to condition the subconscious mind to naturally think and feel the same way that the, mega-successful
You are led through super success CONFIDENCE maximizing affirmations, success
subconscious scripting, confidence magnifying, and personal power boosting  processes all easy to
apply, and exceedingly powerful in their life impacting results.

And these are all tested, proven processes Pete and Chris  used to help clients achieve unbelievable incomes, increased performance levels.

Go ahead and find the self confidence program that is right for you  so I can help you cross this success bridge, and enjoy the success  that awaits you on the other side.

These programs can  really help you overcome your FEAR and negative unsupportive thinking and  reach your full potential. If you have any questions about these self confidence and overcoming fear programs  just email or call.

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