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Watch this unusual story on the sports news about how
Olympic Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
Hypnotizes U.S. Olympic Shot Putter Adam Nelson
Working on The Mental Game of Sports Using Hypnosis Hypnotherapy.
He has worked with Sports Psychologists in the past  but this is a much more proactive approach
We get after it from the very start.

"Five Hours from his first throw Shot Putter Adam Nelson already  won his first Olympic event without even leaving the bed of his hotel room

Sports Hypnotist Peter Says " He's going To connect with a sense of being in incredible control internally  and he's then going to flow that feeling and flood himself with that feeling and sensation and then he is going to preprogram behaviors of excellence so that when he goes to the track a few hours later from now everything will be automatic and unconscious."

First Pete takes Adam into a deep Hypnotic State then using a combination of scripted verbal coaching, inspirational music and layered voice tracks he programs Adams subconscious mind.  "You have the emotional strength that produces  absolute triumph."
Find a word that represents a feeling of overwhelming triumph and control. " Experience a feeling of winning and one that dominates the competition."

To read a story done by  NPR on how a US Olympic Athlete
used hypnosis to help him compete at his peak
click here

to go to the NPR article
about the use of  hypnosis in
Olympic training.

Sports Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel's hypnosis programs  have helped scores of athletes transform themselves
from just “Ok, unknowns” to starters, competitive standouts, and all-star/mvp success players  even Olympic Athletes
go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY in all sports.

"Pete, I wanted to tell you how much your mental training and sports hypnotherapy has helped me really
enter what I feel is now a personal best zone. The work you do is way beyond anything I've ever seen from
any sports psychologist I've ever worked with in the past; me winning the Olympic trials by two full feet
attests to that. You are a master at what you do!"
Adam Nelson
World Shot-Put Champion
Two-Time Olympic Silver Medalist
Gold Metalist 2004 Athens Olympic Games

"The volume of pro athletes he works with confess his claims are 100% true but... frankly, before I met Pete Siegel, I thought "mental" training was only for the mentally "retarded". Now that I've seen Pete in action... and everything he's done, I'm
beyond convinced. My advice to any athlete willing to listen? Pete's methods are the key to mastering
sports psychology; they WILL bring forth your absolute best!"
Luke Lowrey
The World's Undisputed #1 Vertical Leap Expert
Former Pro Basketball Player Creator, TheVerticalProject.com

"Pete puts so much time and attention into all of his work; this program is just incredible... I am
amazed that anyone can be that thorough. I've been reading his writings for years, and I have used his winner's mind-set / positive thinking
methods in my own training as a football player, power lifter and now as a collegiate strength coach. Pete puts you in a frame of mind to achieve incredible success!"
Jim Steel
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator University of Pennsylvania
(New Jersey State Record-Setting Powerlifter

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Note from Chris Cady:
    Internationally prominent self help author, seminar leader, hypnotherapist  and personal change specialist, Peter C. Siegel was America's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Unfortunately Peter has passed away but his work and his spirit live on.  His programs are now available exclusively through me.

You can order his acclaimed self help - personal success development - mega-confidence building programs at here or you can call  775-425-5847 to order programs or speak with his protege, sports hypnotherapist Chris Cady
    The unique, results guaranteed assurance Siegel attaches to each of his programs…continues to stand the test of time!

How will you know which Olympic Athletes are using mental game training / hypnosis in their conditioning program?
Just look at who DOMINATES IN The Olympics.

sports peak performance mega success programing mental toughness program
Olympic athlete adam nelson and olympic sports hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
Olympic Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
Hypnotizes U.S. Olympic Shot Putter Adam Nelson
Working on The Mental Game of Sports Using Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Sports Hypnotherapist
8175 S. Virginia St # 850-233
Reno, NV 89511