Sports Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training
Attention Hypnotherapists
Limited to 50 people max.

As I'm writing this it is February 2021
In May of 2022
I will be conducting a small but very intense very comprehensive sports hypnosis / sports hypnotherapy   training / workshop
where I will teach a select few Hypnotherapists how to work with athletes in every sport on training their mental game using hypnosis and NLP.  If you are not already a Hypnotherapist as of right now. You can't get in next year.

My name is Chris Cady and I am a Sports Hypnotherapist and I publish the most incredible programs on mental game training for athletes ever written. They were written by Pete Siegel, who was my coach, mentor and trainer. He was also  the world’s top sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. For decades professional athletes, in every sport, have paid him $800 - $1,000 dollars per hour to help them gain the competitive advantage to absolutely dominate their sport!

These days they pay it to me. Unfortunately Pete passed away several years ago so now the only way that you can access this incredible information is to purchase the incredible "break through" sports hypnosis programs  that  he created and that I publish  Or to learn them in a hands on  training with me.
Pete was WAY "ahead of his time" and  poured all of his wisdom into me and I "took the ball and ran with it."  He told me I'd do that and he was right.

Over the years I have  hypnotized both men and women  who are professional athletes,  college, high school and even children who play baseball and softball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, Lacrosse,  boxers and MMA fighters,  body builders / weight lifters, trap, skeet and pistol shooters, golfers and bowlers, volley ball, gymnastics, cheer, rodeo riders, all track and field events, swimming, crewing, snowboarding, skiers, figure skaters  and people who race anything. I'm certain that I missed a sport but that's the main ones.

When you take my short intense easy to follow  sports hypnosis training you will be able to get started working with the athletes in the sport of your choice. I suggest that you start with the sport that you know best have the most love for and interest in and of course access to those athletes and then expand as word gets out in the athletic community that you can help an athlete perform at their peak.

In May of 2022
I will be conducting a small but very intense 4 day sports hypnosis / sports hypnotherapy   training / workshop
where I will teach a select few Hypnotherapists how to work with athletes in every sport on training their mental game using hypnosis and NLP.

This training is NOT for everyone. It is not for people who are brand new to hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  You must already have already gone through your basic clinical Hypnotherapy training and have experience hypnotizing people.
I will train the Peter Siegel Method.  The training will take place over 4 intense days. It will be somewhere in the USA. Possibly even in Hawaii.   This "one of a kind" sports hypnosis training is for adults only and it will be limited to 50 students max.
If it feels interesting to you keep reading.

Only Read This Entire Letter If You’re 110% Ready To
Generate Maximum Competitive Impact in Sports
By training their little understood "Mental Game"So That They Get The Striking Peak Performance
That  Gives Them A Decided Competitive Advantage In Their SPORT.

Finally…You Can Now Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets That Top Professional  Hypnotherapists and Coaches Use With Athletes To Unleash The Staggering Personal Bests Which Dominate Their Competition!
And Then You Can Use These Secrets To Take Your Career To Entirely Higher Level.
This works with  male and female athletes of every age level and every skill level,  in every sport.

So if you are a Hypnotherapist  who is serious about success in sports  keep reading and then make a very  smart decision and apply to attend my very unique training workshop.

Now, you too can learn the same incredible results activating, peak performance strategies  that Pete and I
used to help scores of athletes transform themselves from just “Ok, unknowns” to starters, competitive standouts, and all-star/mvp success impact players – the kind who embody the confidence, skill and maximum performance power and control which always leaves its mark upon games and competition Always!

I am only going to say this once, so you better listen-up -- because I've got something hidden away for you here... that has been the "secret weapon in the "jock strap" of some of the world’s most dominant athletes who Pete and I have personally walked through the mental rigors, in assisting them to become better than they ever believed they could be... (and in many cases, the world's very best!)

Before you contact me to apply for this sports hypnosis training here are a few important things for you to know.
However before I share with you  a bit about what you will learn when you attend this  unique sports hypnosis training, I first want to tell you what this training is NOT and who this is NOT for.

This Sports Hypnosis Training is NOT associated with the NGH or ABH or any other hypnosis organization.

You will NOT get any type of certificate from me. If you need a "diploma" on your wall to make you happy, this is not the right  hypnosis program for you.  But you can go to an office store and make your own or buy yourself a trophy or blue ribbon and label it
"World's Greatest "Certified" Sports Hypnotherapist," if it makes you feel good.

You do not need any experience hypnotizing or coaching athletes before you attend this training. But if you do have some experience in Sports Hypnosis aka "sports-nosis"  I'm certain that you will still learn more than enough to justify your time and money taking my training since I learned it from the BEST.  ( More on that later).

This is not for  people  looking to learn Hypnotherapy for the first time. You MUST ALREADY be clinically certified and or trained and have a level of competence hypnotizing people and getting results in some area of life.  I have not set an exact criteria yet but my "gut feeling" is that you should have been certified in Hypnotherapy and working with people on stopping smoking, weight loss, stress, sleeping, confidence or other issues  for at least one year.   Other things count too. The idea is that THIS class is not for total beginners because we will not discuss any of the theory or  basic techniques that beginning Hypnotherapists need to learn.  We will not discuss anything to do with  quitting smoking, weight loss or any of the techniques that  they teach beginning Hypnotherapists. You should also have a good working knowledge of NLP.

The reason for this is that I'm not going to spend one second explaining how hypnosis works, theory or basic skills and language patterns etc and I will not allow the class to be held back by  the type of questions that a beginner would ask. If you are newly certified or lack experience hypnotizing people, this is absolutely NOT your class.

This will be specifically for hypnosis for sports!
If you don't already know what you are doing you will be totally lost.  This will be like taking a class in Algebra when you have not mastered basic math.

This class is NOT a simple, "Count them into hypnosis and insert a few suggestions like, "You will play ___ __(insert sport) better." "You are the greatest _ of all time."
or "Just write down goals and affirmations and do visualization."

Affirmations and goals are GREAT and visualization is effective but athletes need way more than that.  Most of them already do some version of that.

  You don't need to attend a training in-order to do that.  What I will teach you  goes WAY beyond that.

It's a very good idea that you played at lest one sport at some time in your life.   You don't have to have been a star  athlete in high school but if  the closest  that you ever got to actually PLAYING any sport is a video game,  then helping serious competitive athletes compete at their highest level, is not really for you. No matter how well intentioned that you are.

Also if you are just looking to be a better "sports parent" for your own kids you don't need my training. You can just get  Peter Siegel's Book "Sports Mega Success Training"  and use that.

If you think you already "know everything" and you are just attending my sports hypnosis training so you can  go into verbal  combat with me during each Q & A session.

Now this is going to sound a bit mean but It's truly in your best interest.  Many Hypnotherapists are totally incongruent.  Some Hypnotherapists actually vape or  smoke cigarettes and many are obese.   If you smoke or  look like you are a Sumo Wrestler who has never seen a wrestling mat. Then being a Sports Hypnotherapst may not for you.
Notice that I used the word "may." This is because I will leave this decision up to you and I'll explain why below.

Also, if you are a, "new age fluffball" and you are in to crystals and incense and airy fairy metaphysical nonsense, athletes will RUN the other way.  So this training also may not be  for you.  

While I'm on the subject of "spirituality,"  It is important to point out that many athletes are very religious and have a deep faith in God.  If that's you. This is good because  you will be frequently asked how to incorporate God, religion and prayer into an athletes "mental game" program. As well, you will  find some athletes needing assurance that  Hypnosis is not in some way  in conflict with their current religious beliefs.

Now here is why not being obese is important when working with athletes.

When an athlete meets any person, the first thing they do is judge you by your  body. They probably all do it and they can't help it.
Every athlete I have ever met, when they speak about anyone they always say something about how their body  looked during the conversation.   While you might take a position of, "you are hiring me for my brain, not my body." The human body is EVERYTHING to an athlete. They LIVE in the gym and have strict diets generally resist all of the "comfort foods" that most people have little to no control over  and  they have incredible discipline over food.

It is hard for them to relate to and to respect a "trainer / coach" who  visibly has poor control and does no exercise.

So unless you are a retired athlete who had "great stats" and now has, "coach body,"  athletes will not want to work with you if their first thought is,  "The heaviest weight that this guy lifts all day is a gallon of ice cream," You are going to have a very hard time getting any sports clients unless you decide to use the information that you learn here to first get yourself motivated to get fit.  If you do that, that might actually work in your favor  because then you will have "before and after photos" and a great story to tell. Athletes WILL respect you for this because you will have "walked that talk" and they will SEE the results right in front of them.

This will be your equivalent of a "moment of truth" drill.

In all honestly I have to admit that my body has been, "coach body"  for a while now.
I have been able to work with athletes and they have not "run from me." So if you are a bit overweight,  I will teach you how to  address this so that hopefully it is a non issue.  However if you are a person who carries 400 lbs on a  5 foot 6 inch body. I highly suggest that you don't expect to work with athletes anytime soon unless they  throw a "shot put" or  Sumo Wrestle.  However the choice is yours.

What about me?

Like all of us I'm not perfect and I 'm working my plan. By the time this workshop comes around I will be at my "goal weight." You can be rest assured of that. Go ahead and mark my words because I plan on  discussing it at the training.  I will explain my own story to you and my journey too. It is an interesting one and well worth hearing and learning from because you can use it to help your hypnosis weight loss and exercise motivation clients.

Just to be crystal clear I'm not  telling you not to become a Sports Hypnotherapist if you are obese or if you are even a little overweight. I'm also not telling you that you can't attend if you are not  at a healthy weight. I am however being fully upfront that you will  probably have a very hard time getting athletes to work with you if you don't look and act congruent with  the values of a person ( athlete)  who closely  (actually obsessively) monitors their own nutrition and  physical conditioning. They will not want to hire you to coach them.  I just don't feel that  its fair that you attend a sports hypnosis / Sports Hypnotherapy training program if there is a slim to zero chance that you will make any money at it if you are incongruent with fitness.

Now if you smoke or vape. 

If you smoke or vape and you are a Hypnotherapist who  can't " walk the talk" then you are just a damm fool and you just don't belong here.  So this not for you.  The training will be 100% SMOKE AND VAPE FREE.  You can still attend but frankly I'd rather that you don't.

Anyway its important that we are all "on the same page" when it comes to  this training.

That's why I will be personally screening every student by telephone BEFORE  deciding to accept you or not into this very unique, special sports hypnosis training.


What you will learn will be 100% hands on how to hypnotize athletes to perform at their peak in every sport.

All about "the zone" and How to get into "the ZONE" on command.

How to train an athlete to overcome negative thinking and past failures.

How to bust slumps.

Skyrocket their confidence

Tap in to their greatness and unreleased potential

Calm pre game nerves.

Switch off all mental chatter and over thinking.

Recover from injuries faster.


Switch off all unsupportive thinking, outside pressures etc when its "game time"

How to get the most out of themselves at every workout and practice.

Pre-game mental preparation.
How to hypnotize athletes by phone.
How to hypnotize athletes in person in the  locker room or right on the field.

How to conduct  hypnosis sessions to an entire team.
How to do hypnosis session one on one.
How to market yourself to athletes, coaches and parents.
What to charge.
Legal issues.
And more....
Way way way more...

I will also teach sports specific techniques for golf, baseball, bowling, basketball and football
and probably a few other sports depending on the needs of the class.  With 50 sports hypnosis students or less I can probably do this.  ( One more reason for me to keep this small).

I should mention that you do not need to have ever played the specific  sport that you are hypnotizing an athlete for.  You do need to understand the sport though.   I have never played women's gymnastics or raced a motorcycle or a snow mobile and I have never played hockey or figure skated.  Yet  I   understand those sports and played many other sports and work very well with those athletes.   I have very successfully  helped athletes in those sports achieve greatness and they knew in advance that I never played that sport.   But they are aware of the sports that I did play. So we can relate to one another.  It can be the same for you too. Especially if you are interested enough to study up on a sport before working with an athlete so that you can  get the inside terminology correct.

So here's the deal.
I'm in the beginning stages of  preparing this  4 day sports hypnosis training. I have 12 months. If you are interested please reply by email and let me know who you are. A bit about what you are looking to do, our background etc.
I will get back to you when I have the dates and location ironed out.  There will be an application process. I'm not just taking anyone who can "flash the  cash."

Regarding price: I'm not sure what I'm going to charge yet. But I assure you of this. It won't be cheap.
If there is one thing that I have learned in life is that, "Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good."
and "You get what you pay for"  It's always worked that way so you might want to start putting some money away now.

Also here's the way that I look at this.   The skills that you learn from me can skyrocket  your  hypnosis career and your income into the stratosphere.  I'm not holding anything back so if you "take the ball and run with it" like I did.  You should do well.
Especially since there are so few Hypnotherapists who know how to work with athletes and more importantly there are so few Hypnotherapists who an athlete would even want to work with.

Ok so that's it for now. If you have questions or want to get "in my system" so that I can contact you with an application  when I'm ready to start taking applications.

Remember the training will be limited to 50 students max. I may do even less if I feel like its too much to manage.

You will find my email near the top of this page.

- Chris Cady, CCHT
PS: if you want to know more about me and what I've done with athletes, most of my clients are kept confidently and I don't post that information online. However you will see some photos and videos of me working with some athletes on Youtube and on my websites as well as a book and hypnosis program that I have with a Major League Baseball Player who is also a  Two Time World Series Champion.


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