Baseball Training Mental Toughness
Learn About Using Hypnosis for Baseball Mental Game Training, Confidence and Mental Toughness Here.
What is it that TOP Major League Baseball Players know about playing legendary baseball that you don't? The answer may surprise you...
Are You A Baseball Player Who Is In a Slump And Looking For a Way To Bust Out of It? OR
Are you looking for some more  that EXTRA EDGE  & maybe even some more SELF CONFIDENCE ,  FOCUS some EXTRA mental toughness in your baseball game so that you can be the BEST BASEBALL PLAYER THAT YOU CAN BE?
You'd Better Watch This Short Baseball Video RIGHT NOW!

Watch New York Metz Pitcher Sid Fernandez Hypnotized
Does Sports Hypnosis For Baseball Work?
Judge For Yourself.

In 157 innings in one season Fernandez has struck out 151 men. He has a 14  4 record with a 3.43 ERA and he pitched for the National League All Stars

Major League Baseball Pitcher
Sid Fernandez Won 16 baseball games for the New York Mets.

Before he was hypnotized he said, "Before I never really did believe in my abilities & never thought I could pitch in the big leagues but here I am and I'm doing well. What Pete installed with hypnosis  is no fluke."
After being hypnotized by Baseball Sports Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel and working on the "Mental Game of Baseball." Everytime Sid, pitched he experienced
Sensations of power, positive expectancy, incredible levels of confidence so that when he was on the mound pitching there was a natural release of their power, skill and an automatic expression of the peak capacity that he had to perform.

The fact that he is doing the personal mental conditioning sessions with me
allows him to get more out of himself and magnify his power when he performs.

"In your imagination you are now on the mound and as the pitch that you will throw is decided upon, you automatically think the word devastate. You now fire a flaming overpowering fastball to your chosen
And that is exactly what Sid did!

It does not matter if you are a school kid who plays baseball and DREAMS of playing pro baseball... college player, minor leaguer player or a MLB Pro Baseball Player.  This Program  WILL Get YOU From Where You Are Right Now To Where You Want To Be. YES Even YOU!

Who Else Wants To Play Baseball Like A MLB Hall of Famer?
Finally YOU  Can Now Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets That Top Major League Baseball Players Use To  Turn Themselves Into Mega Successful Baseball Legends And Have An UNFAIR Advantage Over Everyone.  
(Without using Steroids or other illegal drugs)

Attention baseball players I don't care if your a major league baseball player,  play in minor league, college, high school or even little league... Set down your baseball bat, take off your glove and kick off your cleats...Because you are about to discover baseballs best kept secret...

With these secret mental game tricks they Get New Personal Bests, Hit  Jaw Dropping Home Runs,  Strike Out Batters, Dominate Their Competition, Make their Teammates Jealous  AND Most Importantly  Help Them To WIN!

If you've got 59 minutes to listen to a CD or MP3 before you head out to play baseball, I will show you how to
Play baseball like an  All-Star MLB  Pro,  hitting  home runs,   throwing with amazing accuracy and speed
and (if you are a pitcher) striking  guys out...over and over. So that you can live your baseball dreams!
GUARANTEED! - Or You Get To See it for FREE!

Now YOU Can Unlock The Power And Use These Well Kept Baseball Secrets
In Your Own Game And Propel Your Own Playing To A Whole New Level In Record Time!

But if you think $77.00 is to much to pay for a proven hypnotic baseball training mp3  or CD program that
has been proven to  help pro MLB baseball players achieve greatness... If you think $77.00 is to much to pay for a baseball training equipment that will practically force you to be the MAXIMUM YOU and play like a champion baseball player ... If you think $77.00 is too much to pay for a piece of baseball gear that  could help give you a multi million dollar career playing a sport that you love,
this is not for you.

What is it that top Major League Baseball Players
know about playing legendary baseball that you don't?

The answer may surprise you

Dear Baseball player

Its really quite simple: If you want to be a baseball player that consistently shatters baseball records,
makes your team mates admire you and leaves your competitors in the dust... you need to practice a part of baseball that most  baseball players never spend any time on.

What I'm talking about is

You see, while most baseball players will spend countless hours on hitting drills, playing catch, throwing, pitching skills, buying new baseball equipment or going to baseball camp, almost NO ONE will spend  any time  or money on their MENTAL GAME TRAINING.

The reason that they don't  work on their, "mental game" is that  mental game training is not shown on television. Its not sold in sporting goods stores, its not fun like playing catch or going to a batting cage and most  baseball players don't  really understand it.

That is  why  so many  baseball players are average at best. This is also why so many good baseball players play well at the high school and college level and then collapse under pressure in the major league or simply never make it out of minor league.

Just ask any pro baseball player or coach and they will tell you.

and  ONLY  10% PHYSICAL!

That is why the mental game training using hypnosis is such a well kept secret.

And Once You Learn These Unusual Little Known Baseball Secrets You Will
Have The Magic Ingredient That Results In
  Great Baseball Playing.

Now you to can learn the same incredible results producing techniques that  scores of baseball players have used to  transform themselves from unknowns to starters, to competitive standouts and into ALL-STAR baseball players.

These  mental  toughness techniques create amazing breakthroughs almost immediately. They help generate super levels of  confidence, focus, competitive intensity, action power, drive to triumph, measurably increased speed and power.

Quick and Easy To Learn

If you've got 59 minutes to listen to a CD  OR MP3 before you head out to your next baseball practice or game you will know the baseball secrets that “elite” baseball players will pay thousands of dollars to learn this year... and that most other baseball players will not even hear about.

If you keep reading
I'm going to reveal to you the big  baseball tips and secrets that pro high achieving baseball players use that allow them to strike out batter after batter, hit home runs, catch and throw with lighting speed and accuracy and achieve greatness in baseball. Game after game, season after season.  

With these  EASY TO USE TECHNIQUES you will have the tools to propel your baseball skills into the stratosphere.

Here is why

Lets face it, staying focused, relaxed, feeling dominant thoughts of confidence,  being aggressive and playing  baseball ONE PITCH AT A TIME is hard. Noise from the crowd, chanting, booing,  other players, opponents, thoughts and fears of making a mistake, failure, embarrassment, losing, coaches, money worries,  plus stress,  family, work, school.  Negative thoughts about past mistakes, the wind, the field conditions... it goes on and on. All this leads to frustration, poor swings, throws, missed catches and overall poor performance. Yet your ability to  remain FOCUSED and  to be totally CONFIDENT, mentally tough and to trust yourself is critical if you want to play baseball like a champion.

Now before we go on, here are a few important baseball questions;

How many times during practice or a game  have you felt or known that there was more within you then you were able to  show on the baseball field?

Have you ever wondered why your potential for greatness just stayed within you un-expressed?

Did you ever wonder how you can tap into your hidden potential so that you could  “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE” and play as the MAXIMUM YOU during competition?

The answer has been a secret. Yet its simple,
EASY TO USE and you are about to learn it

Mastering the Mental Game of Baseball IS the Best Kept Secret of Pro Baseball Players.

It is the difference between All-Star / Hall of Fame Baseball Players and  everyone else. This is why top baseball players pay thousands of dollars to work with  sports hypnotherapists   in-order to master these mental game techniques. They know that the real leverage in baseball comes from mastering the mental game and not just the physical game.

The mental game
is critical because

1) Your mind controls your body. Just like a computer and a robot. All your body does is respond like a robot to the commands given to it by,  "the computer."
2) When two players with similar physical skills compete against each other it is the one with the stronger mental game that will prevail.
3) The consequences of winning are  tremendously financially and emotionally rewarding for a baseball player.

4) The consequences of losing can be financially and emotionally devastating to a baseball player.

5)  90% of your  results are determined by  your  mindset and your  mental game!!!

Just ask any major league player who never got to start, kept getting traded or who got sent down to the minor leagues... or ask a minor league player who never made it to a major league team.

They will all  sheepishly admit, “I wish I'd had a stronger mental game.”
Then these players will all talk about  how  they had trouble with confidence, focus, nerves and distractions and that even though they knew that they should play  baseball “ONE PITCH AT A TIME” they  just could not  play that way because their mind would get  caught up on  something  and that negative, wimpy, unsupportive thoughts would  creep into their head and cause them to make stupid mistakes and how they would get frustrated or intimidated or  get into a long slump that they could not  get out of, no matter what they did.

That is why

No matter how much you practice your hitting, throwing, pitching, catching, running... no matter how much money you spend on baseball equipment and training... no matter how strong you are or what vitamins that you take
success in baseball is 90% mental!

But still most of the struggling or average baseball players spend  100% of their time effort and money  working only on  physical practice. Again this is why guys  get themselves into the major leagues and  spend their career  "warming a bench" or they collapse under pressure, fall into a slump and get traded and then get demoted to the minor leagues. Or why minor league baseball players stay there forever. 

They have a decent physical game but
  they have NO mental game.

Remember your mind controls your body.

That's why “Badass Baseball Secrets / Super Mental Toughness For Baseball Program” is the piece of baseball equipment that you need if you want the competitive edge in baseball.

How to Instantly feed “Pro Level” Thinking,  Confidence, Power, Speed and Accuracy Into Your Baseball Game”
Quick Start System

This Quick Start System Gives You  Everything That You Need To Work On Your Mental Game and To Bring Out The  Very Best In Yourself and Play Winning Baseball


This amazing audio program is available to you on CD or Mp3  it is EASY TO USE. It is unlike anything  that you have ever tried.

Just listen at bedtime with or without headphones on. You will hear the gentle sounds of soft  relaxing guitar and piano music playing in the background. 

Very quickly you will drift  off into a wonderful dream like state of mind known as hypnosis. Eventually you will fall into a wonderful  night time sleep. Meanwhile I will be speaking  to you in a soft, soothing, relaxing voice. During this process I will  guide you through a wonderful relaxation process called hypnosis where your  mind  opens up  and records and accepts  positive instructions,  ideas and feelings about yourself  as a baseball player which are all in your best interest (no matter what position you play)     This  positive voice and instructions for being a more CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, AGGRESSIVE  but RELAXED BASEBALL PLAYER  will  eliminate the  self sabotaging  limited thinking and emotional garbage  that holds you back.

This program brings out only positive thoughts and feelings that literally force you from within to be the MAXIMUM YOU and PLAY BASEBALL AT YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST AND BE All  YOU CAN BE  EVERY TIME!

After 1 hour the CD or MP3 will end and you will continue sleeping until it is your normal wake up time feeling absolutely FANTASTIC! .( There is no danger and you can NOT GET STUCK in hypnosis.)

Most athletes will notice a significant  improvement in their game immediately and some will need more time  however I suggest  that you listen every day for 30 days and then the night before  practice or a game.
You can also play this CD or Mp3 when you first wake up in the morning and make it

Either way , This powerful program will give you more confidence, laser like focus and more power then you've ever   imagined.

As a result YOU will experience

Here’s what this amazing baseball CD / MP3 will do for you starting the very next time that you play baseball. From the moment that you arrive at the ballpark.

Using a secret “trigger word” You will instantly be able to

"get into the zone" and stay there!

You’ll play with TOTAL CONFIDENCE!

You will play baseball ONE PITCH AT A TIME!

You will always maintain  your concentration!

You’ll automatically have total focus on the game!

You will always  remain calm and confident under pressure!

You’ll eliminate negative thoughts, fears and all self limiting beliefs and mental garbage that has been holding you back.

When you are in the on deck circle and while at bat you will be completely relaxed, feeling  only dominant  thoughts and you will block out all distracting  sites, thoughts, feelings,  sounds of chanting and booing and all other distractions.
When you are at bat you will relax,  eliminate tension, fear, negative thinking and distractions that cause strikes and bad swings.

You will feel total confidence flowing through your vains!

When at bat you will feel superior to the pitcher!

If you are the pitcher you will feel superior to the batter!

If you are a pitcher you will  be totally confident in all of your  pitching decisions and
you will see yourself as the dominant player you will stay INTENSE AND AGGRESSIVE & FOCUSED

If you are the catcher you will remain relaxed, mentally alert and aware of everything and confident and sure of all of your decisions.
When you are at bat you will picture, visualize and feel  exactly where the ball will go!

At bat you will  have both eyes  totally focused on the ball!

At  bat you will see the  exact release and  the spin on the ball as it appears from the pitchers hand and you sill see it the size of a volleyball and you will  immediately know  what kind of pitch it is!

You will know  instinctively when to swing and when not to.

You will have a smooth, powerful swing!

Your running speed will increase and you will make great decisions.

You will swing and throw and catch with amazing power and accuracy.
No matter what  position you play you will remain alert, confident in your  ability and your throwing and catching will be accurate.

You will immediately  mentally let go of any mistakes and  your mind will stay positive

You will have an automatic trust in yourself and your abilities!

You will always be mentally ready!




Never the partial you, never the wimpy unproductive you. Always the MAXIMUM YOU!

These hypnotic suggestions will train your mind to automatically cause you to play ball at your best each and every time.

Your mental game will significantly improve and as a result you will take your physical game to the next level almost overnight.
Why Should Trust This Baseball Training Program?

What You Are About To Discover Is
The Best Kept Secrets to Baseball Success
From the Man  Who's  Extraordinary Training Breakthrough Helped Top Baseball Players Achieve An Unfair Advantage In Baseball For 30 Years.

“Badass Baseball Secrets The Super Mental Toughness For Baseball Program” was  created by a professional Peak Performance Coach!
This incredible  program has transformed the  game of hundreds of pro, minor league, college, high school and even little league baseball players of all ages and  skill levels. And it will work for you too, guaranteed.  It was created by Chris Cady who is a Peak performance Hypnotherapist  in Reno Nevada.  The material on the program is based on the teachings of his sports hypnosis mentor Peter Siegel who  for 30 years worked with all of the pro baseball players mentioned earlier in this letter. Plus he worked with top achieving athletes in every sport. Unfortunately Peter passed away. But before his death,  Peter  taught all of these incredible results producing  techniques to Chris Cady and Chris is continuing Peter's work with this highly effective program.  These are the exact techniques that he used with his pro baseball players.

Here is a wonderful Example of how Mental Game Training Helped a Pro Baseball Player who worked with Chris Cady's sports hypnosis mentor Peter Siegel.

This is the story as told by Pete.

In 1995, Damion Easley – listed as a highly touted prospect with great potential – was struggling with the California Angels, hovering around .200 for his batting average.  Seeing him hit the ball solidly for extra bases many times, and his stellar fielding exploits, I knew that if he could get things right on the inside, he could, and would, then flourish.

I contacted him at the Angels to introduce myself and my work using hypnosis.  And he called me back to discuss how my work with hypnosis and mental game training might help him in baseball. 

"I’m tired of struggling, and playing below what I know I’m capable of," he said, "I want to be a great baseball player  in this game – and I want that more than anything else in the world!"  We began working late in the ’95 season, and as his self-concept,  and belief in his ability as a a person, athlete and baseball player continued to evolve over the years, his statistics and achievements all kept increasing dramatically, too.

    Continuing a working relationship with me each baseball season since 1995, he went on to make the 1998 American League All Star Team, and break all his personal best records for number of hits, home runs, RBI’s, fielding percentage – oh, and income; he just recently received a $35 million, multi-year contract extension with the Detroit Tigers.

Do you think hypnosis might help your baseball training too?

Why not do yourself a big favor and get your copy of the

Badass Baseball Secrets Super Mental Toughness For Baseball CD or Mp3 Program

FREE $250.00 BONUS
Buy this Cd or mp3   before the special ends and you will get a FREE BONUS Gift worth $250.00 I know that as soon as you start seeing results in your baseball playing you will want more personal attention and even greater improvement. My normal fee for private consultation starts at $500.00 per session.
As a FREE BONUS you will receive a 30 minute consultation with me  by telephone.

Make This Your Breakthrough Year.

“Badass Baseball Secrets Super Mental Toughness For Baseball” is the piece of baseball equipment that you need to get you to the next level as a baseball player.  All successful baseball players know that the mental game of baseball plays a huge role in the outcome of a game. Its the mental toughness that will separate you from the crowd.

Considering how much  that you love playing baseball and how much money that you  spend for baseball in time, money, blood sweat and tears, the cost of this program could be a smart investment in reducing the last three.  If you want to achieve your true baseball potential  and consistently play ball at a level that you have only DREAMED about. Order this amazing baseball program now.

You Can Try It Out RISK FREE!

“Badass Baseball Secrets Super Mental Toughness For Baseball CD or MP3” comes with an unlimited, unconditional any time ever money back guarantee. It will be  the best  piece of  baseball gear / baseball training program that you will ever use.  No matter where you are in your game.  We promise that you will significantly improve within the first week.  You can measure this anyway that you want to. If you feel that  you are not  more focused, more confident then ever. If you feel that you are not  hitting more home runs,  running faster,  pitching, throwing, catching with more speed and accuracy then ever before or if you  just feel that this mental game baseball training program  is a bunch of bull, simply return it ANY TIME EVER and we will refund 100% of your money the same day. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  There are no hassles or weasel clauses.  All  we ask is that you  buy it with good faith and good intent.

There are a million books and videos on how to play baseball. There has been very little quality information written about coaching and training the mental side of baseball.
Yet this is the 90%  of the game.

The secret of how to play LEGENDARY baseball all lies within training your mind. 

So if you are interested in doing this I have the solution that you need.

Why not do yourself a big favor and get your copy of the
Badass Baseball Secrets Super Mental Toughness For Baseball CD or MP3 DOWNLOAD

One final thought:   One year  from now you will be looking back on this day as one of the most important baseball decisions that you have ever made.

Because you have absolutely noting to lose why not  do yourself a big favor and
I will ship it or email you the download link immediately.

Busts 2 Season Slump! Hits Home Runs!
 “Triggers The Zone”

“Chris, as we discussed you can use my team name but don’t use my name or position until I tell you that I’m prepared to discuss this publicly. You may use the testimonial though. Count me in for helping you with your book but just protect my identity until further notice. Meanwhile, here is my partial testimonial.

Our continued work together has helped me significantly both on and off the field. I recommend your mental game training to any player of any age or skill level as part of a regular regimen.

 I found out about you & your program when my dad gave me your website after you helped him with a private issue. He was sold on you being able to help me bust out of my slump.  I was impressed by Peter Siegel’s videos & your background with him & I was willing to try anything. When we met, I was depressed & I’d had the worst 2 seasons of my career. I remember telling you that when I was “at bat” I was so unfocused & negative that, “struck out before I struck out.” The ball would come so fast I would just swing blindly & I felt like, “I couldn’t hit a basketball if it were on a tee ball stand.”  I felt like (and was) an embarrassment to my team & to myself.

Then I met you & what I will call, “the ghost of Pete Siegel.” The day that we met starting at 11am, you hypnotized me 3 times & had me experience the, “Mental Breakfast of Champions” process. Like magic my fatigue disappeared. I felt recharged mentally & physically. I felt stronger & more powerful physically & mentally. I felt adrenaline surging through my veins. I drove to our home game against ___ (team deleted)


I studied my pitcher & for the first time in 2 seasons instead of feeling defeated, I felt CONFIDENT! Actually I felt,  beyond confident. I actually heard the theme from Rocky playing in my head & got this feeling like I was not a baseball player but a boxer delivering a knockout punch. I just knew I would be victorious. As you promised, you  “flipped the switch” in me because I felt  as if I were in a dream where I had “flipped off” my negative, wimpy, failure thinking & had stepped into a superman suit. That day I brought the “BIG ME” to the game. Not the “little me.”  I knew that I was, “IN THE ZONE” The next thing I knew, I’m up at bat and I heard an inner voice say, “CHUSH IT! HOME RUN!” I couldn’t hear the fans. I could only hear my heart beat. The bat felt lighter, the  ball spun in super slow motion, so slow I could count the stitches, the baseball  looked like it was the size of a  volley ball, I don’t even remember swinging, but I  heard CRACK & it was into the stands. HOME RUN!
I still could not hear the fans, I just felt like I was in slow motion running around the bases. My team mates moved in slow motion, I couldn’t even feel them, “high five me.” It was like a DREAM. I know that I had assessed, the zone” as we had discussed but still, It took a while to grasp what happened when I looked up at the board & watched the tape back. I remember speaking with you & my dad after that first game still feeling like I was in the DREAM. I remember looking around the clubhouse, thinking, “Ok I do deserve to wear this uniform, I do deserve to be here!”

My dad said, “I told you it would work!”  I don’t remember the drive home. I slept the best I’d slept in years that night. The next day we again worked on, “The Mental Breakfast of Champions” & I had the same experience & another home run. The rest of the season was great for me   for me  ( stats removed) & I consider you an excellent investment.
I could go on and on but then whoever reads this will figure out who I am & I’m not ready to discuss this yet publicly.
(Name deleted)________ MLB TEAM deleted for now.

The secret of how to play LEGENDARY baseball
is within training your mind using hypnosis.
Want to  learn more about
major league baseball
training secrets?

Badass Baseball Secrets
Super Mental Toughness
For Baseball with Hypnosis
is suitable for
baseball players of all ages, positions & skill levels

FREE $250.00 BONUS
Buy this Mp3 DOWNLOAD or CD  before the special ends & you will get a FREE BONUS Gift worth $250.00
As a FREE BONUS you will receive a 30 minute consultation with me by telephone.

baseball badass baseball secrets super mental toughness for baseball cd switch on incredible confidence
The mental game is 90% of the game.

Baseball Players
it does not matter which of the two
baseball program covers or titles shown above
got your attention.
They are the same program.
We are just changing titles & covers so we left them there for your entertainment.

Switch On Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Power & Laser Focus
Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Distractions, and Nice Guy Behavior.
The breakthrough cutting edge mental conditioning program that makes baseball players go from ordinary to extraordinary and gives you the WINNING ADVANTAGE that CREATES CHAMPIONS AND WINS GAMES!
The following baseball players used this baseball program in person and were Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel's Baseball Clients
Damion Easley    California Angels/Detroit Tigers/NY Mets   Infielder
Ben Johnson    New York Mets    Outfielder  
Billie Hogan    San Diego Padres    Infielder
Royce Clayton    Chicago White Sox    Infielder
Scott Spiezio    Anaheim Angels    Infielder
Tim Salmon    Anaheim Angels    Outfielder
  Sid Fernandez    New York Mets    Pitcher
Orel Hershiser    LA Dodgers    Pitcher
Justin Thompson    Detroit Tigers    Pitcher
Greg Zaun    Texas Rangers    Catcher
Gabe Alvarez    Detroit Tigers    Infielder
Gary Green    Cincinnati Reds    Infielder
Rene Gonzales    California Angels    Infielder
Luis Ortiz    Texas Rangers    Infielder
Craig Worthington    Baltimore Orioles    Infielder
Pete Incaviglia    Detroit Tigers    Outfielder
Bob Brenley    San Francisco Giants    Catcher
Rick Dempsey    Cleveland Indians    Catcher
Kelly Mann    Atlanta Braves    Catcher
And many other  major league players that we can't mention here
Badass Baseball Secrets
Super Mental Toughness For Baseball
Switch On Incredible Confidence & Focus

$77.00 Plus $5.00 shipping and handling
I will ship it anywhere you want. World wide every day.

Chris Cady
All Star Peak Performance Center
8175 S. Virginia St
Reno, NV 89511




The video clip of the baseball game above was sent to me by the father of  one of the  baseball players on the team that WON! His son and other players started using my hypnosis program to help them with confidence, focus, hitting, consistency and more.  THE MENTAL GAME OF BASEBALL IS WHERE ALL OF THE LEVERAGE IS!  USE IT AND WIN!!!
base ball pitcher Dodgers LA Oaklahoma City Pitcher in bull pen
Warming Up In The Baseball Bullpen Should Be A Time for Mental Game Training Too
Using Hypnosis and Visualization as part of your physical warm up.
baseball game minor league batters bot at bat and on the ondeck circle
Using Hypnosis For Your Mental Game Is The Difference Between Major and Minor League Baseball. Here is a Minor League Baseball Batter At Bat and One Warming Up
On Deck.
California Angels aka Anaheim Angels
Tim Salmon
Used the same baseball hypnosis techniques
for his "at-bats" and fielding
that you will learn in this program.
He was hypnotized before and after games
by phone and in person. He
Broke his slump and
Hit 2 home runs immediately after working
on his mental game
with Baseball Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel. Thing got even better after that!

Does Sports Hypnosis For Baseball Work?
Judge For Yourself.
In 157 innings in one season Fernandez has struck out 151 men. He has a 14  4 record with a 3.43 ERA and he pitched for the National League All Stars

Major League Baseball Pitcher
Sid Fernandez Won 16 baseball games for the New York Mets.
Before he was hypnotized he said,  "Before I never really did believe in my abilities & never thought I could pitch in the big leagues but here I am and I'm doing well. What Pete installed with hypnosis  is no fluke."
After being hypnotized by Baseball Sports Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel and working on the "Mental Game of Baseball." Everytime Sid Pitched he experienced
Sensations of power, positive expectancy, incredible levels of confidence so that when he was on the mound pitching there was a natural release of their power, skill and an automatic expression of the peak capacity that he had to perform.

The fact that he is doing the personal mental conditioning sessions using hypnosis with me
allows him to get more out of himself and magnify his power when he performs.

"In your imagination you are now on the mound and as the pitch that you will throw is decided upon, you automatically think the word devastate. You now fire a flaming overpowering fastball to your chosen point...

Detroit Tigers Baseball Player
D'man Easley Used Hypnosis
Extensively With Peter
For Greater Confidence, FOCUS and more!

Baseball Players
it does not matter which of these two
baseball program covers or titles caught your eye.
They are the same program. We are just changing titles and covers.

World Series Winner
Home Run Hitter Baseball Player Scott Spiezio
Cardinals, As, Angels
Worked extensively with hypnosis & on the mental game of baseball
both with his dad & with Hypnotist Peter Siegel.
Just how important is the "mental game of baseball?"
Just ask him and he will tell you
that the Mental game is 90% of the game.
Scott was hypnotized in person before each home game
& by phone when traveling.

"I have thanked God for putting Pete Siegel & his  baseball hypnosis system into my life.
The gifts he has given me are priceless!”
Ben Johnson,
Outfielder – New York Mets
Baseball player uses  visualization at bat
Baseball Player Using Visualization While Warming Up For At Bat

Badass Baseball Secrets
Super Mental Toughness For Baseball
Switch On Incredible Confidence & Focus
$77.00  NO shipping and handling

The mp3 is not automatically downloaded
I will email the mp3  download to you or  to any email address that you want within a few hours of being notified by Paypal
that you paid. I elaborate on this below.

NOTE: To Parents of baseball players.   I get emails & calls every day from parents who are buying this baseball program for their son who plays high school, college or minor or major league baseball & they ask: "Can you email the download directly to my son? And, can he play it on his phone or Ipod, computer or Ipad?
The answer is YES!
I can email the download to any email or you can simply forward it to your son. Or if you want the CD instead I can send it anywhere.

Just put the email or address in the "notes area" of  your paypal order or send me an email or just call.   We are a small company of 2 people.  Working with me is like doing business with a small family owned business where the owner knows you personally.  We take care of people and we will take care of YOU too.   We are HAPPY to do it.

Oh, one last thing, about our refund policy. Our CDs & books are fully refundable minus shipping & handling.  Downloads, E-books & Mp3s are non refundable because you can't return a download.
However I can honestly tell you that NO ONE ever requests a refund because

All MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYERS will tell you that. The "mental game" is 90% of the game.
As long as a baseball player has "talent" and will work HARD and he "wants it," This program will help a player go from where he is right now to where he wants to be. He will focus, relax, stop over thinking everything, learn to "bring on the zone" on command and play at his  FULL potential by focusing the power of his subconscious mind and training his "mental game," which he has probably never done.  We both know that your son has talent & has put in countless hours of hard work with physical playing, drills, workouts etc.  But working on the "mental game" using hypnosis and other mental game training drills is something that most baseball players never do until they start having some sort of setback, or slump.
As a result of working on your "mental game" of baseball and not just his physical game, great "breakthroughs" happen and  guys play at their FULL potential. The mental game is 90% of the game. Soon you will experience this too. Just look at our list of major league baseball players.