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Hypnosis Sessions and Appointments For Sports Hypnotherapy
"Mental Game Training"  In Person, By Phone or On-line
For golf, Pickleball, baseball, bowling, basketball, soccer, hockey, trap shooting, archery,  and pretty much all sports and other matters too.

“I’ll Help You Overcome Every Roadblock
That Limits, Or Holds You Back…
And Then I'll Help You Connect
With Your True Power And Ability,
So You Decisively Move From "Ok"
Or Even "Good" - To Extraordinary!”

We are located in Reno, NV USA but you don't have to be

For 28 years (right until his passing) Pete Siegel Worked Extensively With Sports Pros, World Champions, and
Business Superstars. They consulted with him on a regular basis.  These people know the importance of  unlocking all of the power of your subconscious mind and they used hypnosis to do it.

His work continues through Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Chris Cady who Peter personally trained in his unique hypnosis methods that were specifically created for athletes and other high performance people.

To discuss your personal situation, the mega-personal change programs Chris offers,  (either Peter Siegel's or his own) session rates, and time slots available, go ahead and call our hypnotherapy office at 775-425-5847
Hypnosis Program Options, Hypnosis Appointment Rates And Fees Vary.

Chris works with athletes of all levels and in every sport. Pro, amateur, college and high school, middle school age athletes too.
I have removed prices as they vary. However whatever you may me will be far less than a lifetime of failure, disappointment and coming up short.
1.) Initial Intake Conversation

This is where you speak to Chris directly to discuss your current personal situation (i.e., your thoughts , feelings, and what you're experiencing in your life).

This is an extremely detailed one on one information gathering session with Chris. He gets deeply involved in examining and exploring your personal situation to determine causative factors responsible for what you're experiencing, and why you're experiencing it. Once he's helped you identify the specific issue(s) you need to address, he then discusses which of his programs is best suited to help you. This intake session usually takes 1 - 2 hours.

2.) 1 1/2 Hour Life Empowerment/Personal Change Coaching/Consultation Session
(Done Via Phone With Chris)

After your intake information gathering session, in this program option Chris provides you his decades proven targeted direction geared to help you move beyond limits and life "sticking points." Through the increased self awareness, empowered attitude and self image you'll gain here with hypnosis, you'll then naturally begin generating success inclined actions -- actions directed toward advancing in your life, in your relationships, in your performance, and with the goals and outcomes you've set for yourself.

3.) Eliminating Negative Past Conditioning, Negative/Self Sabotaging Patterns, And
Subconscious Programming That Keeps You Anxious, Un-accomplished, And "Stuck"
(3.5 Hour Intensive Working Personally With Chris )

There is a bit of prep work you first do here regarding organizing your current thought patterns (very easily done). Then, using hypnotherapy and NLP,  the negative subconscious conditioning - responsible for your current negative patterns, lack of success and accomplishment, fears, self destructive thoughts and behaviors, and life anguish/frustration - is disconnected, neutralized and eliminated.

In it's place we then fully root and internalize the solid ability, power, and success capacity levels you actually possess; those you naturally demonstrate as a competent, efficient adult. Emotional freedom, emotional power, inner strength and thorough confidence is what you'll come to experience through this session option. (Targeted PowerMind Book/CD's/manuals are also included as reinforcement materials.)

4.) Becoming The Total Success Commanding, Maximum You: Mega Life
Transformation Intensive Which Moves You Deeply Into Extraordinary
Personal Power, Performance, and Accomplishment Realms.
(Two 3.5 Hour Intensives, One Week Apart, Working Personally With Chris)

This option literally - profoundly - changes your life... forever! It includes option #3 above as the first session. Then, one week later, we do a second session intensive.

This second hypnosis / hypnotherapy session intensive deeply involves re-engineering identity and personality, anchoring feelings of invincible confidence, self belief, self esteem, and extreme success drive, and pre-programming behaviors of excellence (i.e., natural inclinations toward producing notable increase, advance, growth, and masterful life/personal triumph).
Advanced NLP processes, hypnosis power programming, and Applied Mental Options© techniques are used in this second session intensive; you completely re-define your concept of you (mobilizing incredible power, ability, communication, and competence levels), and develop the continual affinity toward producing major life expansion and achievements that deeply enrich, and empower you!
After finishing this second session intensive, Chris takes you through comprehensive life application practice exercises to ensure you know when , where, and how to activate and apply the Maximum You. Includes targeted resource materials (PowerMind Books/CD's/Manuals) to be used as adjuncts to the work Chris personally does with you.

5.) Expressing Peak Life Performance: Getting The Most, And Best Out Of Yourself!
(1 1/2 Hour Intensive Done Via Phone Live With Chris)

The pro athletes I work so closely with have to generate peak performance consistently; their success - and
livelihood - depends on it. But then, the success and livelihoods of entertainers, business people, sales people, professionals students, policemen, firemen, writers, producers, directors, speakers,  also depends on peak performance being consistently expressed.

In this information packed intensive, I teach you the specific process my  hands on experience has proven produces actions and behaviors of excellence, and maximum personal success impact.
You'll learn exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it so your absolute best is naturally, confidently, and decisively expressed!
Each month’s available time slots fill very quickly. Call our hypnosis office today at , so we can then discuss which programs will best help you!

"Pete Siegel is an amazing trainer; he really cares about you getting the best results out of your self! I’d talked about starting my own business for a long time. After just one session with Pete I felt an incredible change, and was able to go out and start my own business – and reach my goals faster than ever!

I have to say working 1on 1 with Pete was the best investment I‘ve made for my self!

Kurt Buchanan

"I had "BAR exam anxiety" to the point that I would just freeze up and go blank under pressure.  I studied, I knew the material...but, it was almost like fear and self-doubt would just "sabotage me" to the point where I would then perform horribly. Because of this, I believed I could never pass the BAR exam.

Then I called Pete Siegel.  And through working with him, in less than 3 hours, I went from a slouched-shouldered, head-down "basket case", to a calm, self-assured individual, one who  knew she was going to pass the BAR exam this time (even though I had failed it before).

I stayed confident and calm throughout all three days of the BAR. And I left the exam knowing I passed it (which, after eventually receiving my results, I in fact, DID!).

And since passing the BAR exam less than 2 years ago, I now have my own law firm, have won my first major trial, and am currently defending high-profile cases.

Pete will help you smash the mental "demons" that are holding you back from realizing your potential. He’s like an invisible “surgeon” who instantly removes self-doubt and negativity from your thinking. He is worth every penny because he delivers; he tells you exactly what he’ll help you achieve…and then he does it. Pete's methods work. He is truly amazing!”

Denise Yaniv, Esq.
Attorney At Law

  Here's How You Can Now Book Personal Working Sessions With Hypnotherapist Chris Cady

Now, you can work with Chris personally, and have him help you become incredibly accomplished
and successful in areas such as:

Sports Improvement
Peak life performance

Getting the most, and best out of yourself

Totally overcoming fear, inhibition, anxiety and doubt

Developing the confidence that moves mountains

Skyrocketing your business effectiveness through mastering Siegel’s
“Mental Keys To Personality Power And Personal Effort Impact”

Eliminating the self sabotaging “small you” -- so you start living as the Maximum You

Getting out of your own way, so your true potential can become your fact of life

Pre-programming behaviors of excellence, and mega-success outcomes

Engineering the identity and self image embodying the true levels of skill,
ability and success capacity you actually possess (and know you do!)

Fully overcoming your negative past, and moving ahead into notable progress, and personal triumph

“Working with Pete Siegel has finally let me face (and win) the last MAJOR battle of my subconscious mind that was limiting my full potential.  As a Board Certified Emergency Physician I still could not break the chains that were holding my thoughts captive.  I have now slain the “Dragon” of my past, and feel like I’m a Dragon Fly now sailing confidently, purposefully ahead. 
The quality of his work and the results I’ve experienced more than justify Pete’s fees; he’will help you open the door allowing you the opportunity to “fly” thru the universe as well!”
Gail S. Ford, MD
Emergency Physician

“I’ve been following Pete Siegel’s work since the mid 1980’s when I started reading his articles and using his techniques in my training. Since then, I’ve read most of his books and used his CD programs to help me in business, in fitness and in my personal Life. But meeting Pete Siegel in person is an “impact experience” you are not likely to forget.

“Pete is a force to be reckoned with. He walks the walk, gets the results, epitomizes self confidence and has a personality that makes it impossible to leave a conversation with him without feeling charged up. Its not just temporary “motivation” – he helps you create change from within. Spend even a few minutes with him and I guarantee you will be thinking differently.

“Unlike other ‘success gurus’, Pete doesn’t do a psychological or motivational song and dance. He has a sixth sense for exactly how and where you’re blocking your own success and he attacks the issues head on. Pete will enlighten you, challenge you, and even shock or jolt you out of negative and limiting thinking and belief patterns. He’ll set you in the right direction toward the ‘new you’ and make sure you keep going!”

Tom Venuto
World acclaimed body fat loss expert

For more than 28 years now, Pete Siegel has combined his profound training and mastery of hypnotherapy, NLP, Applied Mental Options©, and Gestalt therapy into the PowerMind© mega-life performance system he uses so extensively with those who demand more out of themselves and their lives (those who sense they should be - and want to be - doing a lot better than they currently are).

He has personally helped scores of people go on to extraordinary success levels — the overwhelming majority
of pro athletes and business CEO's he consults go on to earn mega-million dollar salaries! After they work with
Pete Siegel directly, their degree of success, personal income, confidence, level of power and influence, and performance impact demonstrably skyrockets!

“What makes Pete so great is his ability to adapt to whatever your demands are (his knowledge is truly extensive).Because of Pete I have not only excelled on the playing field but also with my strength and conditioning, dietary discipline, and injury recovery.

Pete equips you with a capacity toward getting the absolute most and best out of yourself. Also, he gives you the driving confidence and conviction to make moves that decisively change your life. His knowledge doesn’t just apply to sports, it applies to everyday activities.

I have thanked God for putting Pete Siegel into my life. The gifts he has given me are priceless!”

Ben Johnson
Outfielder – New York Mets

Pete Siegel's guarantee which is now Chris' of “I’ll help you move from ordinary, to Extraordinary!” cannot be understated. His
impact upon personal clients has, and continues to result in accomplishment and advancement levels way, way beyond anything that was expected! (Click here to review his extensive Professional Athlete/World Champion client list).

People fly in from all over the world to work with him in Reno Nevada but you don't have to as phone and skype appointments are available.

“I experienced, first-hand, the power of working with Pete Siegel, and coming out a new person, with a totally new outlook on life. I’d seen him on TV, heard him on radio, and read his books -- but, trust me, nothing compares to the experience of working with him personally!

“The more I saw and heard about Pete Siegel, I knew he was the one who could help me bring out my potential for major life impact, and millionaire business success…which he did! His results are totally awesome, and move you into never before experienced realms of confidence, performance, and life effectiveness!

”Spend the money, invest in yourself… and work with Pete Siegel personally. You’ll make your investment back a many times over; I sure did!”

James F. Lewis
CEO/ More Mortgage Options, Inc.

"Pete Siegel is a no-nonsense trainer of mind and body who sees through your beliefs and defenses so he can help you uncover your core strengths. Working with him was life-transforming. He's dedicated to results and was a priceless help to me."

Joe Vitale
Author of "The Key" and star in "The Secret"

Hypnosis Sessions and Appointments In Person or By Phone.

hypnotist chris cady
We are located in Reno, NV USA but you don't have to be