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Seen on HBO, CNN, ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, Muscle and Fitness, Shape, Mens Health, Oxygen, Self and Golf Digest

(Compelling TV Discussions & Demonstrations - Watch Now!)

1. Incredible Full Pete Siegel Demo Reel (Contains 8 TV Clips).

2. Pete Siegel Appearing On Real Sports With Bryant Gumble.

3. Empowering Your Memory: Pete Siegel's Gripping Discussion & Demonstration On
        The Greg Mantell Show.

4. High Powered Live Remote Cameos From Los Angeles Discussing Pregnancy
        Influenced Memory Loss, The Mind In Sports, And Student Excellence With
    Test Taking.

5. Hypnosis: Peak Workout Motivation Training. As Seen On Channel 13 TV News In
        Los Angeles.

6. Extreme Mental Power Fueling Incredible Physical Strength. As Seen On Channel 13
        TV News In Los Angeles. (Pete Siegel doing Herculean lifts at Gold's Gym!)

7. Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel Primes World Shot Put Champion Adam Nelson Before
    The '04 Olympic Trials. (Nelson then dominates!).

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Major Online News Story Appearances:

1. Los Angeles Times Sports Section (Ran 6/27/08)
Feature Piece On How I Mentally Train Shot Putter Adam
Nelson Helping Him Prepare For The ‘08 Olympic Games.
(Incredible Session Footage Accompanies This Piece!),0,1001239.story

2.    NPR Radio Online/Sports (Ran 5/27/08)
Feature Piece On How I Use Hypnosis And NLP To Help Elite
Shot Putter Adam Nelson Get Deep Into The Success Zone.
(Footage Of An Actual Phone Session I Did With Him Is Included)

Television Appearances:

Television Appearances:

1. NBC (Network) - USA Today Show - Host: Boyd Mattson
Segment: Sports Peak Performance Mental Training

2. NBC (Network) - Cutting Edge - Host: Maria Shriver
Segment: Lyle Alzado - His N.F.L. Comeback Training Approach
(I was part of his “resurrection” team)

3. KABC (L.A.) - Monday Night Live - Host: Todd Donoho
Segment: Demo with L.A. Raider Kicker Jeff Jaeger

4. KCBS (L.A.) - 6:00 News Sports - Host: Tony Hernandez
Segment: Demo with Dallas Cowboy Tackle Kevin Brooks

5. KCBS (L.A.) - 6:00 News Sports - Host: Jim Hill
Segment: Demo with Power lift Champion Dr. Fred Hatfield

6. KABC (L.A.) - 5:00 News Sports - Host: Ted Dawson
Segment: Demo with Mr. Universe Tom Platz

7. KNBC (L.A.) - 5:00 News Sports and Sunday Night Sports
Host: Fred Roggin
Segment: Demo with New York Met Pitcher Sid Fernandez

8. KRON (San Francisco) - 6:00 News Sports - Host: Peter Jeremy
Segment: Demo with L.A. Raider Lineman Mike Wise

9. KTTV (L.A.) - 6:00 New Sports - Host: Rick Monday
Segment: Demo with USC Tailback Ryan Knight

10. KCOP (L.A.) - 6:00 News Sports - Host: Mike Chamberlain
Segment: Demo with L.A. King Defenseman Dean Kennedy

11. KOVR (Sacramento) - 6:00 News Sports - Host: Tom Curran
Segment: Discussion and Demonstration of Athletic Mental Training

2. KCST (San Diego) - 7:00 News Sports - Host: Al Keck
Segment: Demo with the U.S.I.U. Hockey Team on mental training

13. KCAL (L.A.) – Mid Morning L.A. (appeared twice) - Host: Meredith McCrae
Segment: Discussion of Mental Training Strategies to Overcome Athletic
Performance Slumps

14. KMGH (Denver) - 5:00 News Sports Extra - Host: John Lindsey
Segment: Demo with Dallas Cowboy Strong Safety Bill Bates

15. KNBC (L.A.) - 5:00 News Sports - (Friday & Saturday)
Host I Friday: Fred Roggin, Host I Saturday: Brett Lewis.
Segment: Demo of session, then game results of my work with the Pasadena City College football team (They won 51 to 17).

16. KABC TV, Los Angeles, Ca.
Channel 7 Eyewitness News - Anchor: Todd Donoho
May 20, 1992 Topic: How I worked with the USC women’s golf team.

17. KCAL (L.A.) - Sunday Night Sports - Host: Gary Cruz
Segment: Demo of me working with the San Bernardino Valley College Football team, and their resounding game success (they won 38 to 0).

18. ESPN (National) Sports Center - Host: Linda Cohen
Segment: Inclusion in a piece about Pro female tennis players starting at too early an age.

19. OCN (Orange County, Ca.) - Sports Line - Host: Jack Fink
Segment: Discussion with myself and Detroit Tiger Damion Easley about the mental training work I do with him.

21. Fox Sports West (L.A.) - The Big Show - Host: Steve Mason
Segment: A 30 minute segment where I discussed my involvement mentally
training pro athletes, and the results I’ve helped them achieve.

22. KCOP Channel 13 10:00 News - Anchor: Rick Chambers
Segment: A demonstration segment where I worked with a golfer and a skeet shooter to show how hypnosis can decidedly improve performance.
Aired on 8/11/01

23. KCOP Channel 13 10:00 News - Anchor: Rick Chambers
Segment: The role the mind plays in working out consistently, so you can completely follow through with your muscular improvement and/or fitness goals.
Aired on 8/28/01

24. UPN - Nationally Syndicated - The Jenny Jones Show - Host: Jenny Jones
Two segments demonstrating hypnosis used to extract the truth from those
I worked with on the show. Aired on 5/28/02

25. UPN - Nationally Syndicated - The Jenny Jones Show - Host: Jenny Jones Featured throughout the entire show discussing hypnosis and its uses as a life building tool, and demonstrating how it can be used to solidify memory. Aired on 06/06/02

26. The Best Damn Sports Show, Period (Fox Sports Net) - Host: Tom Arnold A powerful 12 minute segment where I discussed the field of mental training with athletes, and did various demonstrations of power activation anchors. Aired on 09/03/02

27. City TV (Channel 7) - Breakfast Television Toronto, Canada
Host: Liza Frommer
A powerful six minute segment where I first discussed, then demonstrated live my “Three Minute Confidence Blast” technique, which rapidly moves a person from uncertainty to decisiveness. 
Aired on 05/01/03

28. Rogers Television (Channel 10) - Streetwise Interviews/Toronto, Canada -
Host: Tanya Verelli
A three minute segment where I discussed how teens can use working out as a self confidence, self image, and self worth building and developing tool.
Aired on 05/01/03

29. Global Television / 5:30 News, Toronto, Canada - Host: Anwar Knight A five minute segment where I discussed the eight specific motivation factors a person must cultivate so they work out consistently, with high energy effort and drive.
Aired on 05/02/03

30. TSN/Toronto, Canada - Off the Record - Host: Michael Landsberg
A one hour “bantering” format (sort of like a sports version of Politically Incorrect), where numerous subjects in the world of sports were discussed and I “jumped in” with powerful, targeted, and poignantly directed information and communication to address each of the topics I was discussing.
Aired on 05/02/03

31. CTV (Canadian National Television Network) - Balance Television  
(Channel 2) Toronto, Canada - Host: Rod Black
Did an extremely powerful segment demonstrating my golfing success mental training methods with Rod Black at the Angus Glen Golf Course, and after we worked, he was able to hit 280+ yard drives straight down the fairway.
Aired on 06/12/03

32. Fuji TV (Japanese National Television Network) - Fountain of Trivia Show
Tokyo, Japan
Did an extremely powerful and comprehensive segment demonstrating various aspects of hypnosis, and its use as a peak performance stimulating tool with Olympic and world champion sprinter Ben Johnson.
Aired on 01/28/04

33. KCRA (Sacramento - Channel 3) 6:00 News Sports - Anchor: Ron Hyde Did an incredibly powerful segment demonstrating pre-competition performance hypnosis with shot putted Adam Nelson before the Olympic trials (he won the trials by 2 full feet!).
Aired on 07/10/04

34. VH1 (National Cable Network) — Reality Show Pilot
Filmed a one hour pilot for a show called “Reality Check with Pete Siegel”. I play the role of life coach/therapist who helps former reality show stars overcome their fears, insecurity, and confusion…so they can return back to regular life with a level of normalcy, and life efficiency.
Filmed late March/early early April, 2005

35. The Golf Channel (National Cable Network)
The Golf Channel’s Makeover Series
Did an extremely powerful and results producing mental game success segment with series participant Dr. Jacque Wadiche in Portland, Oregon. Performed mental game techniques with him first in hotel suite room, then, out on the Herron Lakes Golf Course.
Aired on 5/24/05

36. HBO (National Cable Network) Real Sports With Bryant Gumble
Host: Bryant Gumble
Full segment on the mind in sports. This segment featured me in a powerful interview about the field, a target demonstration with correspondent Bernie Goldberg on improving his free throw accuracy (he then went 9 for 10), and a full hypnosis peak performance demonstration with MLB client Damion Easley.
Aired 2/7/06 (then aired 6 additional times during the month)

37. The Greg Mantell Show (CBS 2 Palm Springs, Ca.)
Host: Greg Mantell
30 minute show (I was the only guest) where I discussed and demonstrated memory empowerment. I covered name remembering strategies, phone number remembering strategies, brain power enhancing foods, subconscious recall exercises, and did a incredible live demonstration with a person who would always forget to organize, and take what she needed, when she left her home in the morning. (I helped her connect with the strong, capable, efficient part of herself; she hasn’t had the problem since!)
Aired 10/2/06

38. My 13 TV News (Channel 13 In Los Angeles) 11:00 News
Anchor: Rick Garcia
This was a powerful, highly informative segment on how I use hypnosis to help people overcome their tendencies to make excuses for not working out. It also featured a live hypnosis demonstration where I helped the subject activate inner strength, and decisive workout motivation.
Aired 6/13/07

39. My 13 TV News (Channel 13 In Los Angeles) 11:00 News
Anchor: Lauren Sanchez
This was an incredibly powerful segment dealing with the theme “Age is never the factor; state of mind is!” I demonstrate unbelievable feats of physical power including leg presses with 1,100 lbs. (10 reps), 200 lb. dumbbell rows (10 reps each hand), 200 lb. kneeling tricep rope press downs (14 reps), 550 lb. machine shrugs (10 reps) - all done at age 51!
Aired 9/19/07

40. My 13 TV News (Channel 13 In Los Angeles) 11:00 News
Anchor: Maria Ciuban
This was an inspiring, informative segment on succeeding with your ’08 fitness workout resolutions. It featured (point by point) discussion and visual depiction of my 5 step pro-active success system that ensures you workout regularly…and experience decided improvement!
Aired 1/7/08

41. WXIA TV News (NBC Affiliate – Channel 11 in Atlanta)
Anchor: Sam Crenshaw
Did a technique and information packed demonstration of Power Mental Training with US Olympic Hurdler Terrence Trammel. Features demos of pre-competition power/confidence mobilizing, and pre-programming behaviors of excellence and success. Also features a brilliant visual depiction of what Trammel’s subconscious experiences while I work with him.
Aired 1/7/08

Magazines Written For and/or Appeared In:

1.    Muscle & Fitness

2.    Shape

3.    Self

4.    Men’s Fitness

5.    Sports Fitness

6.    Flex

7.    Runner’s World

8.    Fitness Runner

9.    Outside

10.    Playboy

11.    L.A. Magazine

12.    Spin Magazine

13.    Inside Kung Fu

14.    Women’s Fitness Intl.

15.    Physical

16.    Exercise For Men

17.    Sports Illustrated

18.    Vitality

19.    Fitness RX/Women

20.    Sport

21.    BMX Freestyle

22.    Sync

23.    Natural Bodybuilding

24.    Iron Man

25.    Personal Excellence

26.    Health & Fitness Sports

27.    Club Scene

28.    The Runner

29.    America West

30.    U.S. Air

31.    Golf Magazine

32.    Golf Illustrated

33.    Golf Tips

34.    Golf Digest

35.    Golfer’s Guide

36.    Southland Golf

37.    Splat (Paintball)

38.    Men’s Health

39.    Let’s Live

40.    Max Muscle Sports & Fitness

41.    Surfer

42.    Tennis

43.    Oxygen

44.    Glamour

45.    Canadian Living

46.    Family Circle

47.    Best Body

48.    Great Life

49.    Parenting O.C.

50.    Revue LEXNEWS (biggest French webmag)

51.    Elixir Magazine (UK)

52. Muscle & Body

Newspaper Segments / Interviews:

1.      L.A. Times - L.A. - ( 4 different articles)

2.      Newsday - (Long Island, N.Y.)

3.      Sacramento Union - (Sacramento, Ca.)

4.      Sacramento Bee - (Sacramento, Ca.)

5.      The Daily News - (L.A.)

6.      Waukesha Freeman - (Waukesha, Wisc.)

7.      Wall Street Journal - (National)

8.      Beaver County Times - (Beaver County, Pa.)

9.      The Free Press - (Detroit, Mi.)

10.     Baseball Weekly - (Arlington,Va.)

11.     USA Today - (Arlington,Va.)

12.     Seattle Times — (Seattle, Wa.)

Radio Program Appearances:

1. KBIG Radio Host - Morgan Williams
          Segment on the dynamics of personal transformation.

2. KFI Radio Host - Chris Roberts
          Segment on keys to sports performance impact.

3. KABC Sports Talk Host - Steve Edwards
          Segment on the role of hypnotherapy in sports preparation.

4. KTMS Radio, Santa Barbara Host - Jim Rome
          Segment on the mind in achieving athletic performance consistency.

5. KRTH Radio  Host - Corbett Bratten
          Segment on strategies for creating positive change.

6. KRTH Radio  Host - Mary Lyon
          Segment on breaking through negative past conditioning.

7. KJLH Radio  Host - Jackie Stevens
          Segment on hypnosis for personal power.

8. WDWS Radio, Champaign, IL
           “Penny For Your Thoughts” Host - Jim Turpin
            Segment on my book “Super Charged.”
            Interview done on 4/1/92

9. WJR Radio, Detroit, MI
          “The Warner Pierce Show”
            Segment on keys to personal power.
            Interview done on 4/1/92

10. WALL-AM Radio, Middletown, NJ
           “Off The Wall” Host - Lynn Thompson
            Segment on changing from negative to positive.
            Interview done on 6/15/92

11. KABC Talk Radio
          “The Peter Tilden Show”
          Segment on personal power and my book “Super Charged.”
          Interview done on 6/18/92

12. KABC Talk Radio
          “The Peter Tilden Show”
          Segment on peak performance and strategies for excellence.
          Interview done on 6/20/92

13. KRLD Radio, Dallas, TX
          “Texas USA” Host - Jocelyn White
          Segment on my book “Super Charged.”
          Interview done on 6/29/92

14. WKNR Radio, Cleveland, OH
          Peter Brown Show
          Segment on sports peak performance.
          Interview done on 7/8/92

15. KBIG Radio, Los Angeles, CA
          The Morgan Williams Show
          Segment on healing the emotions/scars from the LA riots.
          Interview done on 7/19/92

16. KBIG Radio, Los Angeles, CA
          The Morgan Williams Show
          Segment on learning from the past/creating future success.
          Interview done on 7/26/92

17. KFNS Radio, St. Louis, MO
          Host - Brian Stull “The Powerhouse Show”
          Segment on mental training for maximum performance.
          Interview done on 7/27/99

18. XTRA Sports 690
          The Coach John Kentera Show
          Segment on my “Building Super Confidence” seminar and
          why mental training is important to athletes at all age levels.
          Interview done on 1/22/01

19. KLAC Radio
          Host - Larry Burnett “The Laker Zone”
          Segment on how I’d resolve the current Laker team performance problem,
          and how I’d help Shaquille O’Neal improve his free throw percentage.
          Interview done on 2/9/01

20. KENO - Sports Radio 1460
          Host - Dennis Silvers
          Segment on golf’s mental game, and discussion of my
          “Super Mental Toughness For Golf’ program.
          Interview done on 5/16/01

21. FOX Sports 1150 AM
          The Bob and Rich Show
          Segment on my June 14 Building Super Confidence seminar, and how
          clutch performers are able to demonstrate excellence under pressure.
          Interview done on 5/21/01

22. Extra Sports 690
          The Coach John Kentera Show
          Segment discussing Shaquille O’Neal’s free throw turnaround,
          and on my upcoming June 14 “How To Build Super Confidence” seminar.
          Interview done on 5/25/01

23. Fox Sports 1150 AM
          The Bob and Rich Show
          Discussed the mental set of Laker players as they dominated the San Antonio
          Spurs, and also discussed what enables a player to sustain superior
          performance impact - regardless of the pressures and challenges they face.
          Interview done on 5/28/01

24. KOST Conversation - KOST 103.5 FM
          Host - Tobi Knight
          Segment on how mental training enables people to overcome blocks, so
          they can thrive, reach their potential, and master positive causes in the
          cause/effect process of life.
          Interview done on 6/21/01

25. The Chris Meyers and Bob Golic Show - KMPC 1540
          Hosts - Chris Meyers and Bob Golic
          Segment on why pro players perform mental training, and how it can be used
          to strengthen performance, and lengthen careers of veteran standout players.
          Interview done on 7/1/02

26. The Coach John Kentera Show - Extra Sports 690
          Host - John Kentera
          15 minute segment on the fundamental internal factors responsible for
         peak performance. And, in depth discussion of my book “Sports Peak
          performance Mega-Success Programming”.
          Interview done on 8/9/02

27. The Kiley and Booms Show - Fox Sports Radio 1150
          Host - Kevin Kiley and Chuck Booms
          15 minute segment discussing what I’ve done with various pro players,
          including world champion Anaheim Angeles Tim Salmon and Scott Spezio.
          I also did a “mini” process on peak performance over the air with Chuck Booms
          Interview done on 10/31/02

28. The Jim Daniels and Jason Smith Show - Fox Sports Radio 1150
          Discussed peak performance hypnotherapy as it applies to golf. I also did
          a live radio hypnosis session for golf with Jason Smith over the airwaves to
          demonstrate to the listeners what’s entailed in the peak performance golf
          mental training process.
          Interview done on 02/14/03

29. The Former Fat Guy Show: Fit Wise and Well - Internet Radio (
          Host Rob Cooper did a one hour discussion segment on the various aspects
          of subconscious confidence building, overcoming negative conditioning
          from your past, motivating yourself toward personal success, and how to
          make sure each day you program yourself to get the most and best out of yourself.
          Aired 04/28/03

30. Mojo Radio: The Humble and Fred Show (Toronto, Canada) - 102.7 AM
          16 minute segment where I discussed the six essential factors connected
          to developing a success self image, and advancing yourself, even though
          adversity may be a decisive part of your life.
          Aired 04/28/03

31. WMOP (ESPN Radio), Ocala, Florida
          The Golf Show – Host: Joe Hallett and Chris Wilson
          Segment on the 4 main mental game factors -- and how players can
          best develop them.
          Aired on 10/24/03
          (*They had me back for a second show which aired 11/14/03)

32. WMET, Washington, D.C.
          The Linda Chavez Show - Host: Linda Chavez
          Segment on what people can do so they do not get emotionally caught uP
          in the  violent, gloom/doom war images they regularly see on TV — so
          they can remain in charge of how they feel, and what they believe.
          Aired on 04/16/04

33. ESPN Radio 97.1
          Let’s Tee It Up - Host: Dennis Silvers (nationally syndicated)
          25 minute segment on my new golf book “Bringing Forth The Zone”, and
          how golfers need to take charge of their mental game to ensure the skill
          they actually possess becomes a regularly experienced playing fact of life.
          Aired on 10/14/04

34. ESPN Radio 97.1
          Let’s Tee It Up - Host: Dennis Silvers (nationally syndicated)
          25 minute segment on: “What are the major problems golfers have,
          and how they can efficiently rectify them”. “How can players become
          better at golf’s mental game”. “If there is greatness within everyone,
          how can the ‘average Joe’ player bring this type quality out in
          themselves”. “Do men and women respond equally to mental game
          Aired on 11/24/04

35. ESPN Radio 97.1
          Let’s Tee It Up - Host: Dennis Silvers (nationally syndicated)
          25 minute segment on how golfers can notably build confidence, how
          to use self hypnosis to accelerate skill development, and how to prime
          yourself with positive expectancy before you begin each round you play.
          Aired on 6/25/05

36. ESPN Radio 710AM
          The Big Show with Steve Mason and John Ireland (LA, Ca.)
          Segment on factors the Anaheim Angels need to address so they can
          keep winning games, and make the post season playoffs.
          This segment was centered within a controversial “prove yourself and
          methods to me” format with the hosts -- and as always, I did!
          Aired on 9/19/05

37. Monster Radio Network (nationally syndicated)
          The “Big Schwag” Show - Hosts: Brett Wagner and Alan Taylor
          One hour in studio segment on how to stop being a “living doormat”,
          and claim your power and dignity in life.
          Featured call-in guests from listeners in many different states.
          Aired on 9/24/05

38. Monster Radio Network (nationally syndicated)
          Monster Talk — Hosts: Bruce Buffer and Pete Siegel
          Two hour show on the Ultimate Fighting Championships, and how to
          be mentally tough.\
          Featured UFC champions Chuck Liddel and Rich Franklin as call-in guests.
          Aired on 10/15/05

39. ESPN Radio 710 AM — The West Coast Bias Show
          Hosts:   Gary Miller and DeMarco Farr
          Segment on why hypnosis is important in pro sports. Also included info
          on the methods I use, and on how (and why) people go into slumps (and
          how I get them out of them).
          AIred 1/11/06

40. Monster Radio (Nationally Syndicated)
          Host:   Allan Taylor
          Full hour segment on personal power, why relationships work (and last)
          and why they don’t, how you can develop the confidence and drive to
          create the success you’ve been merely “dreaming” about.
          Aired 2/18/06

41. ESPN Radio  710 AM—The West Coast Bias Show
           Hosts :Gary Miller and DeMarco Farr
           Powerful segment on mental focus for golf, the power of the
           mind as a performance enhancing catalyst, and on how sports hypnotherapy
           is much different than sports psychology.
           Aired 5/25/06

42. KLSX: 97.1 FM
          The Conway And Whitman Show
          Hosts: Tim Conway and Brian Whitman
          Full hour segment on hypnosis, its many uses, benefits, and how Pete
          Siegel is able to get therapeutic results that few others can.
          Featured a between segments hypnosis session with host Brian Whitman
          where I taught him an “antidote strategy” enabling him to quell the anxiety
          Connected to his OCD condition.
          Aired 6/13/06

43. KLSX: 97.1 FM
          The Conway And Whitman Show
          Hosts: Tim Conway and Brian Whitman
          25 minute segment on how to keep a stable, positive state of mind despite
          continually being exposed to highly negative news media stories. We also
          discussed my latest book “Using Your Stress To Fuel Your Success!”
          Aired 10/4/06

44. Coast To Coast AM (Nationally Syndicated/ Heard On KFI 640 Am In L.A.)
          Host: George Noory
          Did an incredible 3 hour segment on “Freedom From Bad Luck”. This
          collective listening audience is in excess of 3 million nightly. The power,
          wisdom, and compelling range of information I presented stimulated a
          response of thousands of emails; I was deluged with personal session
          requests, Powermind book/CD program orders, and personal need
          questions. Each email was answered, and every order filled.
          Aired  10/16/06

45. KBAR – AM (Rupert, Idaho)
          The Positive Momentum Show
          Host: Michael Haney
          Did a 1 hour segment on the power of belief, success imagery, and triumph
          related self talk, and using these factors to get yourself out of a rut. I also
          touched on the mind’s role in creating the life you truly want to experience.
          Aired 10/25/06

46. WRJN (Racine, Wisconsin)
           The Alan Eisenberg Show
           Host: Alan Eisenberg
           Did a one hour segment covering fitness training for the 60-80 year old
           age range, how to get motivated to exercise if you’re in this age range…
           and stripping away the notion that older people “can’t” keep learning,
           growing, advancing, and improving.
           Aired  11/12/06

47. KPFK 90.7 FM (Los Angeles)
           The Aware Show
           Host: Lisa Garr
           Did a 20 minute segment on how to wake up each morning feeling
           decidedly emotionally strong, confident, and positive to start your day.
           I also discussed peak performance, and some unique ways to handle
           Aired 12/20/06

48. News For The Soul (Vancouver, Canada)
           (Airing on www.
           Host: Nicole Whitney
           Did a dynamic, provocative 1 hour interview on the mind’s role in
           weight loss. Discussed why people gain weight in the first place, how
           to deal with the emotional aspect of losing weight and keeping it off,
           changing self image, and subconsciously programming self
           control and self discipline.
           Aired 3/6/07 - archived

49. Muscle Mob No Bull Radio
           (Airing on
           Did a 30 minute segment on my history of working with pro
           bodybuilders, why the mind plays a pivotal role in building a powerful
           physique, key things every serious bodybuilder should know about
           their mental/physical potential, and how to zone in mentally so you
           stay successful maintaining a bodybuilding diet.
           Aired 3/12/07 – archived

50. WOND 1400 Am (Atlantic City, N.J.)
           Adrienne’s Cocktail Party
           Host: Adrienne Soresi
           Did a 1 hour segment discussing critical vs. creative thinking, pre-
           disposition toward success, the changing emotional dynamic of women
           in corporate America, and how to move from being an emotional
           thinker to a logical thinker.
           Aired 3/14/07

51. WOND 1400 Am (Atlantic City, N.J.)
           Adrienne’s Cocktail Party
           Host: Adrienne Soresi
           Did a full hour (I was the only guest) on making desires your fact of life
           Discussed accessing the leader within you, how to cut “sandbags” so
           your life “balloon” can ascend, starting your day in a positive way, and
           overcoming the 3 biggest limits people allow to hold themselves back.
           Aired 3/28/07

52. KPFK 90.7 FM (Los Angeles)
           The Aware Show
           Host: Lisa Garr
           Did a 30 minute in-studio segment discussing the concept “Every Time
           You Think You Can’t, You MUST!” I also masterfully answered 3 listeners 
           calls, leaving each listener to say “Wow – yeah; I really like that; thank you!
           Aired 4/25/07          

           The "Take Charge Of Your Life" Show
           Host: Jo Condrill
           Did a one hour podcast (goes worldwide) on how to truly make your life
           your own, how to become an independent thinker, how to survive,
           advance, and thrive in corporate America, and the techniques of
           insulating yourself from negative people and influences in life.
           Aired 5/5/07 – archived          

54. ‘X’ Zone Radio (internationally syndicated)
           Host: Rob McConnell
           Did a compelling one hour segment on “Mastering Your Subconscious
           Power.” Discussed how subconscious ignorance is directly responsible
           for a majority of personal life failure, how to take charge of your life by
           changing subconscious programming, structuring the mind-set from
           which vibrant health, peak vitality, and personal success naturally
           unfolds, and how parents can help their kids subconsciously develop a
           self respect/self esteem inclusive self image.
           Aired 5/8/07 – archived at

55. BBS Radio
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Bacilli
           Did a powerful one hour segment on bottom line spiritual
           connections involved in experiencing - and maintaining - day to day
           personal success. Discussed spiritual connections and practices 
           that help you conquer fear, move yourself ahead in life, move from
           life reactor to life initiator, make the future your friend, learning how
           to say what you really mean (directly and confidently), learning how
           to use the Law Of Manifestation exclusively positively, and learning
           how to receive wisdom, guidance and direction from within.
           Aired 5/23/07 – archived at

56. World Talk Radio
           Full Power Living
           Host: Ilene Dillon, M.S.
           Did a riveting one hour segment on freedom from bad luck, and
           how to reverse negative mind-sets so life can come to bless you.
           Discussed the causes of “bad luck”, how to stop these causes dead
           in their tracks, how to form good luck stimulating mind-sets, and
           how to embrace the success presumptive attitude that is the
           precursor to having positives consistently unfold into your life!
           Aired 5/23/07 – archived at

57. 1150 AM KKNW (Seattle, Wa.)
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a totally commanding one hour segment on “Embracing The
           Faith Invincible That  MAKES Life Say Yes...To YOU!”  Discussed
           what true faith is, Why people get “stuck” in Life, how to get un-
           stuck”, spirituality for men, and developing the confidence
           necessary to make your dream – your fact of life!
           Aired 6/7/07 – archived at

58. Contact Talk Radio
               The New Beginnings Show
           Host: Linda Simmon
           Did a deeply informative one hour segment on ”Mastering The
           Power Of Manifestation”. Discussed my latest book The Formula,
           how to structure the mind-set which is the precursor to new
           creation occurring in your life, and detailed the 7 mental steps
           involved in desire unfolding into fact.
           Aired 6/14/07 – archived at

9. Contact Talk Radio
               The Manifesting Truth Show
           Host: Anna Robles
           Did an info packed hour long segment on why some people
           succeed in life, while others keep falling short of their desires.
           Discussed how to start being the cause of what is, The Formula©
           (my latest book), and how to sustain a personal success
           producing state of mind.
           Aired 6/20/07 – archived at

60. Voice America Radio
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did an awesome one hour segment on the law of attraction vs.
           the power of manifestation. Discussed the specific steps to
           getting, actualizing, and manifesting what you want in life,
           overcoming the mental “road blocks” to getting what you  
           want – and why you can - and should -  see and think about
           yourself from a perspective of power, ability,  and capacity
           for success.
           Aired 6/26/07 – archived at

61. World Talk Radio
               The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon, M.S.
           Did an inspiring, informative, hour long segment on the various
           aspects of manifestation. Discussed why people don’t get or
           experience what they say they want, how to rapidly enhance and
           empower your concept of self, the thoughts and feelings that are
           essential to manifesting your desire, and the 7 sequential steps
           The Formula© outlines as the pathway to decided positive
           Aired 6/28/07 – archived at

62. Contact Talk Radio
               The Manifesting Miracles In Your Life Show
           Host: Christina Marino 
           Did an engaging and provocative hour long segment on doing
           your own thinking, so you can produce the results you want in 
           life. Discussed how to move beyond negative ties to your past,
           how to establish positive, success inciting thoughts and
           expectations when you awaken, overcoming - and redirecting -
           encumbering beliefs, and using The Formula© to bring forth
           desired experiences into your life.
           Aired 7/2/07 – archived at

63. Voice America
           The Marsh Engle Show
           Host: Marsh Engle
           Did an engaging and powerful hour long segment entitled
           Confidence On Demand. Discussed how people sabotage their  
           power (and how to un-do this situation), how confidence is an
           extension of conditioning, how to practice being confident, and
           pre-programming emotional power. I finished with a detailed
           overview of the AM Boldness/Confidence Makeover Process I 
           have people do to start their day.
           Aired 7/30/07 – archived at VoiceAmerica Women’s Network

64. Voice America
           The Winning With Wellness Show
           Host: Vidushi Babber, MD
           Did a thoroughly targeted, and deeply informative hour long
           segment on the dynamics of solid confidence. Discussed building
           confidence, tapping confidence capacities latent within you, pre-
           priming confidence fueled responses, dispelling the “I can’t” myth,
           and establishing a concept of self enabling self respect and self
           esteem to flourish.
           Aired 8/8/07 – archived at VoiceAmerica .com

    65. Voice America
          The Championship Thinking Show
           Host: Jim Meier
           Did an informative and educational hour long segment on using
           hypnosis and psychology to help baseball hitters excel. Discussed
           overcoming fear and anxiety using stored success memories as
           future success catalysts, what coaches can do to help build player
           confidence, and how hitters can become instinctive instead of
           conscious/evaluative in nature.
           Aired 8/28/07 – archived at VoiceAmerica .com

66. Universal 7 Radio Network
           The Dare To Dream Show
           Host: Greg Norman
           Did a masterfully powerful segment on moving beyond hoping,
           wishing, dreaming, and trying – and into real world confidence
           and excellence activation for personal increase and success.
           Discussed finding God  and power within you, being honest
           with yourself in a manner enabling you to learn and grow, and
           finding yourself and your purpose in life. This show was brilliant!
           Aired 8/29/07 – archived at

67. Voice America
           Achieving The Extraordinary
           Host: Ron Graves
           Did a fascinating hour long broadcast on living, thinking, and
           performing as the Maximum You. Discussed waking up
           empowered, pre-priming yourself for success and behaviors of
           excellence, activating - and sustaining - unwavering confidence,
           staying on purpose to achieve your outcomes, and power
           believing to fuel maximum advancement efforts.
           Aired 9/5/07 – archived at VoiceAmerica .com

68. News For The Soul (Vancouver, Canada)
           (Airing on www.
           Host: Nicole Whitney
           Did a compelling 45 minutes on the laws of cause and effect, growth,
           and manifestation. Discussed what it takes to convert desire into fact,
           expressing sustained, inspired action, subconscious success
           programming, and the 7 steps of my landmark book The Formula©
           Aired 9/20/07 – archived at www.

69. No Bull Radio
           Voice America
           Hosts: Dave Palumbo and John Romano
           Did a 15 minute segment on what power is, and taking yourself to the next
           physical development level. Discussed unconscious keys to activating inner
           strength, pre-programming excellence tendencies for workouts, past
           bodybuilding champions I’ve worked with, my mental training contribution to
           the field of bodybuilding.
           Aired 10/15/07 – archived at

70. The Anne Marie Evers Show
           Host: Dr. Anne Marie Evers
           Contact Talk Radio
           Did an Incredibly powerful one hour segment on “Bullet Proof Optimism”.
           Discussed how to stay strong in an ever more stressful world, bringing
           affirmations to life (the 5 fold sensory approach to putting power into them),
           developing an identity of strength and positive self belief, programming invincible
           optimism as a natural outlook.
           Aired 10/22/07 – archived at contact talk

71. WARL 1320 AM (Providence, RI)
           The Waking Up Your Life Show
           Host: Greg Norman
           Did a thoroughly riveting hour long segment on re-defining happiness,
           and developing the attitude of success. Discussed a new paradigm
           of happiness that is self based (not external/materialistically driven),
           what it means to move from “survivor” to thriver, how to base
           self-esteem upon self (and not upon possessions), and how to overcome
           negative, repressive childhood conditioning so you become a motivated
           power thinker.
           Aired 10/24/07

72. BBS Radio
           The Donna Seebo Show
           Host: Donna Seebo
           Discussed how to move from being a victim of circumstance, to being a
           victim of circumstance, how to disconnect from negative, unresourceful
           relationships, using stressors as a catalyst to personal growth and success,
           and becoming emotionally strong so you can effectively meet life’s demands.
           Aired 10/30/07 – archived at BBS

73. KKNW 1150 AM (Seattle, Wa)
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did an inspiring 45 minutes on re-defining happiness in today’s stressful,
           challenging world. Discussed new causes of happiness, the 7 levels of happiness,
           discovering aspects of yourself you can become enthused and glad about…and how
           to start seeing yourself in a new light of strength, ability, and untapped success
           Aired 11/8/07 – archived at

74. Pro Body Building Weekly
           (syndicated internationally)
           Hosts: Dan Solomon and Bob Chiccarello
           Did a super impact segment on the role of the mind in improving bodybuilding
           success. Discussed why mental training is important to muscular development,
           how to begin converting physical potential into fact, how the mind can be tapped
           to fuel mega-workouts, and the specific changes bodybuilders must make (before
           their workouts) so they can generate maximum training effort.
           Aired 11/19/07 – archived at

75. KKNW 1150AM (Seattle, Wa)
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did an incredible 45 minute segment on ”Enduring The Crunch”. Discussed
           how we must now mentally/emotionally adapt to manage life’s increasing
           challenges, moving away from negative media broadcasts and toward self defined,
           positive life possibilities (existing for you), how to empower your thoughts
           and feelings each day upon awakening, and how to be your own leader…and thrive!
           Aired 11/20/07 – archived at

    76.  The Think Again Show
           Host: John Hodge
           Did a targeted, highly informative one hour long segment on the dynamics
           of becoming - and staying - positive. Discussed staying in the moment,
           causes of good luck, creating your mental ideal of success, the difference
           between fear of success and fear of failure, and what you can do at the
           onset of your day to help make it the best day possible.
           Aired 12/4/07

77. The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon
           Did a power packed one hour segment on re-defining happiness ? and
           you being responsible for activating happiness in your life. Discussed why
           happiness is important to emotional health, how gratitude can reinforce self
           worth, self respect, and personal value, the 16 new happiness defining
           factors which can help you experience gladness and joy…and how we
           must now come to determine the thoughts and images we use to define
           Aired 12/6/07 – archived at

78. Playboy Radio
           Sirius Satellite Ch. 190
           The Afternoon Advice Show
           Host: Tiffany Granath
           Did a very powerful and informative 45 minute segment on how hypnosis
           can help increase sexual performance confidence. Discussed overcoming
           self consciousness and inhibition, pre-programming performance
           confidence (and) the affinity to effectively give maximum pleasure,
           creating a solid sexual adequacy self image, and I answered 7 calls from
           listeners who called into the show with questions.
           Aired 12/6/07

79. KKNW 1150 Am (Seattle, Wa)
           The Conversations Live Show
           Host: Vicki St. Clair
           Did a compelling one hour long segment on "If you’re not living with
           confidence, you’re not living!” The central theme here was “life’s
           pressures and demands keep increasing. You, therefore, must now find
           (and become)…more!" Discussed how people rise to the occasion to
           effectively deal with a situation, moving from overwhelmed to the realm
           where you overcome, forging a self image of competence and success
           capacity, and how to fill yourself with (and sustain) a true feeling of
           emotional strength.
           Aired 12/17/07

80. KTLK 1150 Am (Los Angeles)
           The Aware Show
           Host: Lisa Garr
           Did a totally engaging and informative 30 minute segment on “Moving
           From Problem Focus, To The ‘Having A Great Day’ Mind-Set” Discussed
           how to become mentally pro-active, how to generate a pre-situation
           involvement mission statement, how to connect with the Maximum
           You…and move away from problem thinking (and toward solution thinking),
           and becoming the creator of your own life (instead of remaining a victim
           of circumstance.
           Aired 11/13/08

81. Contact Talk Radio
           The “A Fresh Start Show”
           Host: Sallie Felton
           Did an information packed one hour segment on ”Manifesting Your Dreams
           As A Living, Demonstrable Fact!” Discussed the 7 sequential factors involved
           in forging the subconscious framework which naturally converts true desire
           into externalized fact. I also revealed related manifestation “fueling points”
           appearing in my book The Formula©.
           Aired 2/13/08 – archived at

82. Voice America
           The Sports Mavericks Show
           Host: Ida Muorie
           Did a compelling 30 minute segment on what NFL combine participants
           must do to maximize their performance, and chances of getting serious
           “looks” from pro scouts. Discussed how to identify and connect with the
           “pure player” part of yourself, how a player mentally evolves into the
           zone, how to bring forth zone dimension impact more of the time, and
           how players must demonstrate enhanced performance to quell any/all
           negative media about them.
           Aired 2/19/08 – archived at

           The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon
           Did a mega-inspiring one hour segment on “Cracking The Good Luck Code”.
           Discussed what luck is, what some enjoy good luck most of the time in their
           lives (and what’s responsible for this), how people can mentally restructure
           belief contexts to dissipate bad luck (and encourage good luck), and how to
           exploit the most powerful “good luck charm” in the universe.
           Aired 2/21/08 – archived at

           The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon
           Did a gripping, provocative hour long segment on The Mental “Secrets”
           To Having A Great Day! Discussed how to awaken positive each day, choosing
           (and activating) emotions that will empower you, how to establish the “Great Day”
           mind-set and attitude when you awaken – so your subconscious can begin producing
           more of what you desire (and less of what you don’t) during your day…and, how to
           engage the spiritual link to having a great day.
           Aired 3/5/08 – archived at

85. KKNW 1150 AM
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a one hour segment on “Having A Great Day Begins The Night Before!”
           Discussed how to (and why you need to) mentally “throw out” daily emotional
           “garbage”, how to choose the good – the positive – and the enriching as thought
           contexts to begin your day, and how to ask yourself the “magic question” at the
           start of your day to establish empowering attitudes and presumptions that lead to
           enjoyable, richly fulfilling experiences.
           Aired 4/8/08

           The Power Talk Radio Show
           Host – Frank Gasiorowski
           Did a powerful and compelling one hour presentation on “Don’t Let Frustration
           Kill Your Dreams”. Discussed subconscious reprogramming and recoding of negative
           experiences, using “snags”/problems as motivators, how to structures your thinking
           upon awakening so good, positive - desired - experiences begin to unfold for you,
            the spiritual aspect connected to success, and how to truly do your own thinking.
           Aired 4/10/09 – archived at

           The Life Without Limits Show
           Hosts: Barry Goss and Heather Vale
           Did an amazing, electrifying 2.5 hour podcast interview on “Living, Thinking,
           And Performing As The Maximum You!” (This was a direct life transforming,
          mega info packed simulcast!) Discussed the mental/emotional/action sequence  leading up to manifestation, un-doing self sabotage                and negative childhood programming, strategies for overcoming fear/worry/low self esteem, using  hypnosis to bolster motivation and             confidence, the dynamics of personal success…and I answered 6 listener call in questions.
           Aired 4/24/08 – archived at

           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host – Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a riveting, information loaded one hour segment on “Cracking The Good  Luck Code”. Discussed the true power behind (and                     responsible for) luck, asking yourself (then clearly defining) the direct luck instigating “magic question” upon awakening,  the most                     important factor involved in coming to experience genuine,  measurable good luck, and how to build, reinforce, and strengthen  a                      natural good  luck instigating state of mind.
           Aired 5/7/08 – archived at

           The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon
           Did a life and awareness transforming segment on “What would you do if you knew you could only succeed?!” Discussed a practical                 definition of success, how  habitual/conditioned thinking holds people back by focusing on the “why I  can’t/might not’s” as you                          consider a situation, how to un-limit yourself through engaging pure positive/confidence infused possibility thinking, and how to                           galvanize confidence through implementing “why you can!” thinking.
           Aired 5/15/08 – archived at

           NPR radio and NPR online published an in-depth story on how I work with shot
           putter Adam Nelson - helping him prepare for his attempt at the gold medal in the
           ’08 Beijing Games. The story features a full text account online, and a video
           segment of Nelson undergoing a peak performance hypnosis phone session with
           Pete Siegel directly. There are also sound bites included from the most recent
           peak performance hypnosis phone session I did with him.
           Aired 5/28/08 – archived at

91. KKNW 1150AM, Seattle
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a supercharged one hour segment on “”Honoring – and empowering – your self: how to let go of the past…so you can start loving             YOU!” Discussed how negative conditioning from your past keeps you locked into negative adult patterns, why abuse perpetuated                     upon you as a child is never acceptable or  justifiable (and how  to unravel the negative emotional impact childhood subconsciously                 etches upon your soul), and how to give yourself power, strength, self respect and validation every day.
           Aired 6/30/08

92. KKNW 1150AM, Seattle
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a 30 minute “mystery guest” segment on “The Emotional Pump-up”. Discussed how to emotionally set yourself for optimism and                 efficiency upon awakening, how to deflect, handle, and overcome the daily “slings and arrows” you invariably  experience, and how to               stay positively emotionally consistent  throughout your day.
           Aired 7/10/08

93. ESPN Radio – 710 Am (Los Angeles)
           The Big Show
           Hosts: Steve Mason and John Ireland
           Did a riveting 10 minute segment on why struggling LA Dodger outfielder Andrew Jones is mired in a horrific slump…and what must                 be done for him to reclaim = and reassert – the hitting prowess he demonstrated in his former MLB years.
           Aired 7/24/08

94. Voice America
           The Sports Maverick Show
           Host: Ida Muorie
           Did an info packed 30 minute segment on “Olympic Sized Mind Power: How Olympians Use Mental Training To Tap Their Full                          Potential”. Discussed the unique mental/emotional needs I address when working with Olympic competitors, the mental challenges                  that Olympians face that are different from issues  mainstream pro-players face, specifically what I do with the Olympic competitors I                work with, and the range of positive results my methods have helped Olympians experience.
           Aired 7/7/29/08 – archived at

           The Full Power Living Show
           Host: Ilene Dillon
           Did a thoroughly information packed hour long show on “Engaging The Power
           of New Possibility Thinking”. Discussed dispelling the illusion of “can’t”. How
           to use fear as a motivator toward amazing personal impact and success. What
           part of yourself you must bring out into life so you can perform at peak levels,
           and the self talk “secrets” involved in sustaining new possibility thinking so it
           richly magnifies emotional power, and stimulates actions producing striking
           personal accomplishment and life advance.
           Aired 8/21/08 – archived at

96. KKNW 1150AM, Seattle
           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did an awesome and inspiring one hour segment on overcoming the biggest mistake
           people make responsible for why life does not work out for, or fulfill them.
           Discussed the need for, and “secret” to becoming more proactive in your own life
           and affairs. How to connect with the part of yourself who can make rapid,  emphatic increases in your finances and degree of                             personal gain. How to become  more self trusting, self reliant, and self believing. And how to tap potential for  personal increase you                 never even knew you had.
           Aired 9/29/08 – archived at The Dr. Pat

           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a truly riveting, empowering I hour show entitled It’s ALL Good (Reframing Adversity So What Seems A Negative…Empowers) Discussed how to                             (and the need to) personally define what good is for you. How to re-frame what appears to be “bad” or “negative” (so you can extract and apply                                     the positive it holds as a life enhancer). And my acclaimed 3 factor Life Power strategy enabling you to proactively make your life all good (literally)!
           Aired 10/23/08 – archived at

98. KKNW 1150 Am (Seattle, Wa)
           Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair
           Host: Vicki St. Clair
           Did a power filled, uplifting 40 minute segment on “Confidence To Weather The Storm!” Discussed how to exploit things that are in                  your control so you keep  moving ahead, how to recognize, activate, and become the Maximum You, how  to recognize power,                          resiliency, and ability you never give yourself credit for – and  the 3 factor strategy I teach enabling you to develop extreme confidence             for life success.
           Aired 10/27/08 – archived at

99. Talk Star Network
           Host: Rob McConnell
           Did a compelling, deeply energizing 1 hour long segment on “Cracking The Goo  Luck Code (Exploiting The Most Powerful ‘Good                   Luck Charm” In The Universe,   You Probably Never Heard Of…Yet)” Discussed what luck is, how to completely dispel notions that                   you’re born “un-lucky”, why consciousness is the most  powerful “good luck charm” in the universe, and four key factors involved in                     mobilizing subconscious power so it becomes a natural success inducing force.
           Aired 11/3/08 – archived at

100. Lifestyle Talk Radio Network
           The Michael Dresser Show
           Host: Michael Dresser
           Did a totally informative, provocative 20 minute segment on “Creating Your Own  Good Luck” Discussed mobilizing subconscious                     power, understanding the  power behind good luck, structuring the subconscious presumption framework that is the  cause of super good luck, and the self re-definition process that                    enables life to flow in a wholly positive direction for you.
           Aired 11/3/08 – archived at

101. Blog Talk
           The “Girl Talk - PowerTalk” Show
           Host: Miyoko Fujimori
           Did an empowering, uplifting 30 minute segment on “Becoming Lucky – Beyond  Belief” Discussed what luck is, why those lucky are lucky, the “luck creating              consciousness shift” power behind common “good luck charms”, why you can -
           and should - consider yourself lucky, now…and the first (and most important)
           step to creating/experiencing the good luck instigating mind-set.
           Aired 11/14/08 – archived at

           The Dr. Pat Show
           Host: Dr. Pat Baccili
           Did a totally engaging and powerful 1 hour show on “Insider Secrets To Freedom
            from Bad Luck” (How To Make Life Positively shine Upon YOU!). Discussed the
           illusion of being born “unlucky”, how luck is created and unfolds, why we decidedly
           are lucky – right now, precision mobilizing subconscious success creating power
           (and how to do this), the consciousness shift that must take place for good luck to
           begin flowing in your favor, and why you can experience good luck as much (and as
           demonstrably) as anyone else.
           Aired 11/24/08 – archived at

           Dr. Carole’s Couch
           Host: Dr. Carole Lieberman
           Did an inspiring, targeted 1 hour show on “Cracking The Good Luck Code”…and
           “Being Positive In The Face Of Bad News”. Discussed my background leading up
           to my acclaimed status as a hypnotherapist, what we all have (and possess) to be
           thankful and grateful for, what the causes and origins of good luck are, and the
           top 10 proven ways to skyrocket good luck (giving practical life application
           examples for each).
           Aired 11/25/08 - archived at