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Baseball Players if you have the yips in  ANY POSITION in Baseball - throwing, pitching hitting and want to learn how to cure or fix the yips very quickly read this article now to find out how quickly working with a Sports Hypnotherapist will help you get over your yips so that you can  pitch, catch, throw  or hit again.

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What is a YIP?
In baseball or in any sport,
A "Yip"  LOOKS like a physical problem ( because this is the result). YIPs are most common in  baseball  golf, darts, trap shooting, bowling  and other sports that require fine motor skills from the fingers.  One example is when a baseball player is not able to throw to a certain base ( I address this more down below) .
Even though a "YIP" looks like a physical problem  is really an emotional "problem" caused by "pressure" that generally starts  by making a mistake.  The baseball player puts themselves under a LOT of pressure to correct the problem and becomes FOCUSED on what they "DON'T WANT" to happen.  The result is that they get more of what they DON'T WANT. What's even more frustrating is that the unwanted behavior usually only occurs in games and not in practice.  Most players think they have a physical problem and that the solution is to practice more and to train their body and the repetitive motion more. Such as   throwing or hitting over and over to an exact target.  It's not. The SOLUTION is found  by training and conditioning a baseball players MIND  though HYPNOSIS.
The challenge is that most baseball players or any athlete will never accomplish this on their own.

ATTENTION Baseball Players With THE YIPS!
How To Cure, Fix, Get Rid of The Yips in Baseball
and turn "YIPS" into "YEPS"

"Fixing, Curing and Beating The Yips in Baseball
Beating the Yips is not part of my hypnosis mp3 that I sell on this site, because the cure for beating the "yips in baseball" is very specific to the individual baseball player. 
The reason is that the  situation that caused your  yip to happen is different for every player and the  process for making the change that gets rid of the "YIP" and turn it into a "YEP" ( as in "YEP I DID IT")  is different for every player, especially because the reason for developing  this "yip" is a MENTAL / EMOTIONAL ISSUE.

When I help a baseball player get over "the yips" I work with each player on an individual basis either by telephone or in person.

Note: I do not need to see you in-order to  make your yips  disappear. I only need you to speak to a baseball player on the telephone and then have you  listen with your ears.

Here's a common baseball  scenario that  clients who have a case of "the yips" have experienced.

Throwing: Note : Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester is a perfect example of someone who has a  YIP.
Just look at Youtube and you will see many video clips of him unable to throw to First Base. 
What's funny to me is that  I absolutely know I can help him make this problem go away.  Two seasons ago I spoke with the Pitching Coach of the Chicago Cubs about this and they told me ,"We got this."  Clearly they don't.
They have  created "work arounds" where he bounces the ball or inone case "threw his glove with the baseball in it to First Base. 

When I shared this info with one of my MLB clients he laughed and said, "Our team should pay you NOT to help Lester fix his YIP."

Now here is an example of the YIPS
A Yip is caused by an emotional "problem" that results in a physical problem.

  A  baseball player made a big error in throwing to a specific base.  Either the ball went short into the dirt or  it was spiked or hit a runner or maybe someone in the stands. The player did  something that for them  is just dumb, embarrassing, emotionally and perhaps even physically painful. Perhaps someone even got hurt.  The player may have gotten "chewed out,"   ridiculed or yelled at in front of  the team and or attendees and there is a lot of  emotional drama over the situation.

Does this sound like you?
Here I will write to YOU.
If you are like most baseball players who contact me for help getting over "the Yips"
You dwell on it and put a lot of PRESSURE on yourself and other people put pressure on you to get it right  and to not repeat this mistake again.  You feel like your skills and your expectation of yourself  are above this and you feel like this error is WAY beneath you.

You practice  fixing this over and over determined never to repeat this mistake. You do fine in practice.
You feel like you have this handled. After all you are REALLY GOOD and you WORK HARD and you have HEART and its your DREAM to PLAY MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.

Then the next time you are in a game... it happens. The ball feels heavy and abnormal  you begin to feel uncomfortable within.  Your mind is racy, you feel tension, and you even experience a slight but noticeable shaking in your hands and legs and weird things happen. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL! The ball goes in all sorts of strange directions. Basically you are throwing  everywhere but where you want the ball  to go.  It's like you never even played baseball before.  You can't understand this. You are one frustrated ball player.

So you take more heat from the coach and other players and you practice hard because you are a HARD WORKER  but things only get worse.

The YIPS are not just limited to  throwing a baseball.
It happens with Pitching and Catching.  Catchers who sudenly cant throw to a certain position or  return the ball.  Pitchers who cant throw certain pitches anymore even though the MRI shows that there is not an injury to support this.

This happens with hitting too.   Suddenly at bat a hitters swing is off, your bat or your arm may spasm or jerk or twitch. Or you can't hit through the ball or everything gets tipped or you have no power.  Or suddenly you just can't see the ball and so you just swing.   

    "Oh no, the damn yips," you say.  .  "Man; if I ever could control this feeling I have when I throw or pitch I know I could be a great baseball player."  or " If I could just hit in a game the way that I do in practice my stats would go through the roof."

  But it seems like this nervousness happens automatically every time I'm in a game or especially in a clutch.

    Many baseball players of all levels have experienced the "yips," that nervous, self conscious shakiness which seems to emerge from our depths in a game.
    I have to make this perfect...I have to, I have to, I Have to, I HAVE tooooo!!  Pressure? 

At least that's what baseball players who have "the yips" THINK that they "HAVE" to do.

    Instead what you as a baseball player MUST DO is to learn to inwardly compose yourself, and embrace a comfortable, free flowing expectation of success.  Then, you can then comfortably, confidently execute.

However this is very difficult for a baseball player to do on their own

    In baseball and in all sports "Yips" stem from unconsciously trying not to, and hoping you won't, fail (thinking how you and your stats will be if you do).  The "YEPS" happen when you strive to succeed (and clearly embrace the image, feeling, and expectation of what this means for you).

The Yips basically cause the brain to send strange signals to the  muscles and nerves especially all the  tiny muscles and nerves in the hands and fingers that are responsible for the micro motions that control a baseball or a bat. - Or in other sports where the YIPS are common such as  a golf club, a dart, tennis racket, trigger, bowling or even a hockey stick when shooting on goal.

    If you're a BASEBALL PLAYER  who usually experiences the "yips", YOU NEED HELP

The first thing you need to realize is that this is a MENTAL GAME ISSUE.
Even though you have "lost your mojo"  It's fixable.  However you can't fix it by just  doing more physical training on the field  You are going to need mental training.  Mental game training takes place OFF the field.
I have helped players of all levels and in every position get over "the yips" very quickly.
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Chris Cady, Sports Hypnotherapist

Peter C. Siegel was (and always will be) America's foremost Baseball sports and peak performance Hypnotherapist.  In practice for 21 years, he's worked with hundreds of baseball players and hundreds of professional athletes in every sport.

Chris Cady Sports Hypnotherapist is Peter's protege. He now works with Baseball players of every level including  Major League, Minor League, D-1 College and high school players.

His baseball program "Super Mental Toughness For Baseball" and "Badass Baseball Secrets"  is now available from All Star Peak Performance Center where it is published by Peters protege  Chris Cady, Sports Hypnotherapist who now carries on Peters legendary work with Baseball Players and athletes in every sport on training the mental game using hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

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