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Learn About Using Hypnosis for Pickleball Mental Game Training, Confidence and Mental Toughness Here.
Are you looking for some more  that EXTRA EDGE  & maybe even some more SELF CONFIDENCE ,  FOCUS some EXTRA mental toughness in your Pickleball game so that you can be the BEST PICKLEBALL PLAYER THAT YOU CAN BE?
Im releasing my new program in  mid March 2021 so
Here's what you know

and  ONLY  10% PHYSICAL!
This is because  your mind controls your body.
Competitive Pickleball Players have the same challenges as competitive  Tennis Players.
PHYSICALLY: The game is simple and its about  YOU and one opponent or in the case of doubles its YOU and your partner and  2 opponents. And PHYSICALLY the game is, "see the ball, hit the ball."   But MENTALLY  your mind is your worst enemy or your best friend ( usually your worst enemy) and it  "talks to you"  and it  turns a fun simple game like Pickleball  into a giant chess match  where your mental chatter starts trying to figure out every move plus future moves and  tries to figure out  a lot of things  like the wind speed, air temperature and a bunch of other things  that don't really matter and on top of it starts telling you negative words thoughts and feelings that fill you with self doubt and throw off your focus and cause tension in your mind and body and hands and fingers  which results in  your Pickleball paddle doing strange things to the ball that never happen in practice or when playing a friendly game with a friend. Plus  your mind will start  wondering "off track" and trying to distract you while in the middle of a Pickleball match  and making you think about  all unrelated things like whos in the audience watching you and why there are cameras and  that you need to put gas in your car and buy eggs on the way home and  why are you here anyway because everyone is better than you and has better  equipment and you dont have a chance and you are going to look stupid.

Or  your mind is your best friend and tells you that you are  CONFIDENT and the best and can beat everyone and that  you  stay focused and  strong and "in the moment"  and as a result  you play Pickleball, " in the zone" and  suddenly  you play  " as the BIG YOU"   and you get more out of yourself than you ever thought was possible  and something magical happens in your  game.  
Now if you like many Pickleball players also play a sport like Tennis or Golf or Bowling or Baseball  you have experienced "THE ZONE"  before and " magical" things happened.   " The zone" either showed up that day in competition or it  didn't ( mostly it didn't).

This is why  you must spend time training your mental game using  sports hypnosis.
When you use my  mental game training you will train your mind to make "THE ZONE"  happen, ON COMMAND!

Considering how much  that you love playing Pickleball and how much money that you  spend for Pickleball in time, money, blood sweat and tears, the cost of this program could be a smart investment in reducing the last three.  If you want to achieve your true Pickleball potential  and consistently play Pickleball at a level that you have only DREAMED about. Order this amazing Pickleball program now.

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It does not matter where you are right now in Pickleball This Program  WILL Get YOU From Where You Are Right Now To Where You Want To Be. YES Even YOU!

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Its really quite simple: If you want to be a Pickleball player that consistently shatters records,
makes your team mates admire you and leaves your competitors in the dust... you need to practice a part of Pickle ball that most  Pickleball players never spend any time on.

What I'm talking about is

You see, while most Pickleball players will spend countless hours on drills and skills, buying new Pickleball equipment or going to clinics, almost NO ONE will spend  any time  or money on their MENTAL GAME TRAINING.

The reason that they don't  work on their, "mental game" is that  mental game training is not shown on television. Its not sold in sporting goods stores, its not fun like playing and practicing on a court and most  pickleball players ( an most athletes in general) don't  really understand it.

That is  why  so many  Pickleball players are average at best. This is also why so many good players play well at  when they play for fun and then collapse under pressure in competition.

Just ask any pro athlete or coach and they will tell you.

Sports IS 90% MENTAL
and  ONLY  10% PHYSICAL!

That is why the mental game training using hypnosis is such a well kept secret.

And Once You Learn These Unusual Little Known Pckleball Secrets You Will
Have The Magic Ingredient That Results In
  Great Pickleball Playing.

Now you to can learn the same incredible results producing techniques that  scores of athletes have used to  transform themselves from unknowns to starters, to competitive standouts and into ALL-STAR  players.

These  mental  toughness techniques create amazing breakthroughs almost immediately. They help generate super levels of  confidence, focus, competitive intensity, action power, drive to triumph, measurably increased speed and power.

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If you've got 59 minutes to listen to a CD  OR MP3 before you head out to your next Pickleball practice or game you will know these secrets that “elite” athletes  will pay thousands of dollars to learn this year... and that most other  players (especially pickleball players) will not even hear about.

If you keep reading

With these  EASY TO USE TECHNIQUES you will have the tools to propel your pickleball skills into the stratosphere.

Here is why

Lets face it, staying focused, relaxed, feeling dominant thoughts of confidence,  being aggressive and playing  Pickleball "in the zone" without "overthinking" is hard. Noise from the crowd,   other players, opponents, thoughts and fears of making a mistake, failure, embarrassment, losing,  money worries,  plus stress,  family, work, school.  Negative thoughts about past mistakes, the wind, the field conditions... it goes on and on. All this leads to frustration, poor  overall poor performance. Yet your ability to  remain FOCUSED and  to be totally CONFIDENT, mentally tough and to trust yourself is critical if you want to play Pickleball like a champion.

Now before we go on, here are a few important baseball questions;

How many times during practice or a game  have you felt or known that there was more within you then you were able to show on the Pickleball court?

1) Your mind controls your body. Just like a computer and a robot. All your body does is respond like a robot to the commands given to it by, "the computer."
2) When two players with similar physical skills compete against each other it is the one with the stronger mental game that will prevail.
3) The consequences of winning are financially and emotionally rewarding for a Pickleball player.

4) The consequences of losing can be financially and emotionally devastating to a Pickleball player.

5)  90% of your  results are determined by  your  mindset and your  mental game!!!

Remember your mind controls your body.

This powerful program will give you more confidence, laser like focus and more power for playing PICKLEBALL AT YOUR BEST  then you've ever   imagined.

As a result YOU will experience


Never the partial you, never the wimpy unproductive you. Always the MAXIMUM YOU!

These hypnotic suggestions will train your mind to automatically cause you to play Pickleball at your best each and every time.

Your mental game will significantly improve and as a result you will take your physical game to the next level almost overnight.
Why Should Trust This Pickleball Training Program?

There are a million  videos on how to play Pickleball. There has been very little quality information written about coaching and training the mental side of Pickleball.
Yet this is the 90%  of the game.

The secret of how to play LEGENDARY Pickleball is all within training your mind. 

So if you are interested in doing this I have the solution that you need.

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One final thought:   One year  from now you will be looking back on this day as one of the most important Pickleball decisions that you have ever made.

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You will get   that EXTRA EDGE   more SELF CONFIDENCE ,  FOCUS some EXTRA mental toughness in your Pickleball game so that you can " play in the zone" and  be the BEST PICKLEBALL PLAYER THAT YOU CAN BE


Pickleball Players
Super Mental Toughness
For Pickleball with Hypnosis
is suitable for
players of all ages, positions & skill levels

The mental game is 90% of the game.

Pickleball Players

Switch On Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Power & Laser Focus
Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Distractions, and Nice Guy Behavior.
The breakthrough cutting edge mental conditioning program that makes pickleball players go from ordinary to extraordinary and gives you the WINNING ADVANTAGE that CREATES CHAMPIONS AND WINS GAMES!

All PROFESSIONAL MAJOR LEAGUE ATHLETES will tell you that. The "mental game" is 90% of the game.
As long as an athlete has "talent" and will work HARD and he "wants it," This program will help a Pickleballplayer go from where  they are right now to where he or she  wants to be. They will focus, relax, stop over thinking everything, learn to "bring on the zone" on command and play at their  FULL potential by focusing the power of their subconscious mind and training his "mental game," which he or she  has probably never done.  We both know that you have talent & have put in countless hours of hard work with physical playing, drills, workouts etc.  But working on the "mental game" using hypnosis and other mental game training drills is something that most Pickleball players never do until they start having some sort of setback, or slump.
As a result of working on your "mental game" of Pickleball and not just your  physical game, great "breakthroughs" happen and  guys play at their FULL potential. The mental game is 90% of the game. Soon you will experience this too. Just look at our list of professional athletes from every sport.