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Sports Hypnosis. Welcome Body Builders, Weight Lifters, Baseball Players, Golfers, Pickleball, Football Players & Athletes In Every Sport  Here's Why Sports Hypnotist Pete Siegel’s Was The World's # 1 Sports Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist
and Why His Hypnosis Mental Game Training Hypnosis Programs Can Help YOU Make 2023 The Year That YOU Play Your Sport As The MAXIMUM YOU!

As seen in Muscle & Fitness, Iron man, Men's fitness, Golf tips, Golf Illustrated, LA Times & many other sports magazines.
This site is your resource for the world's most powerful sports hypnosis & sports hypnotherapy / MENTAL GAME self confidence training books, CDs, mp3's & related hypnosis programs & sports peak performance such as
"Think and Grow Big"  body building program
"Steppin Up To Mega Muscle & Power"
"Success Mind-Sets"
"Sports Peak Performance Mega Success Programming"
"Bringing Forth The Zone"
"Super Mental Toughness For Golf"
"Super Mental Toughness For Football, Baseball, Basketball" 
"World Cup No B.S Super Mental Toughness For Hockey Players"
other sports hypnotherapy, athletic & mind training programs that will help you live the life in & out of the sports arena that you've been dreaming about.  Especially if you're into self improvement, self growth, peak performance, bodybuilding, tennis, golf, pickleball, football, running, baseball, football, hockey,soccer, basketball or building self confidence, reducing stress or losing weight.

If you're looking for any of Peter Siegel's programs click on the icons on this page because some of them are for sale here but others are posted on the following site for now
just click here  & scroll over any of his book icons.
Be sure to watch these sports hypnosis videos of Peter Siegel demonstrating sports hypnosis / hypnotherapy with pro & college football, hockey, body builders, baseball players & Olympic athletes.

Notice The Incredible video that a TV news station did on Sports Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy with professional NHL Hockey Player from the LA Kings, Dean Kennedy. It's a demonstration of  the mental game of Hockey with super high levels of self confidence, focus, mental toughness, If you're a hockey player you MUST get the super secret mental game training manual that I wrote for serious hockey players  based on Peters training.

For years this has been the site of Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel & it still is. Only things are a bit different now. In the event you did not know the sad news, Peter passed away. He was an amazing man & an incredible Sports Hypnotherapist who could leg press 1100 lbs  at the age of 51.   If you watch the sports report of the video you will see him demonstrating this.

Watch this video of Peter Hypnotizing an entire football team.
Pete Siegel also developed remarkable breakthroughs in the field of sports hypnotherapy and sports mental game peak performance.  His work is profoundly visible in the results of his athletic clients who include professional bodybuilders, NFL football players, MLB Baseball players, NBA Basketball players, NHL Hockey players, golfers, boxers & Olympic athletes.
These champions all want the WINNING ADVANTAGE!

I would compare his genius to Mozart, Einstein, Edison and Ben Franklin.
Unfortunately even highly motivated gung-ho people don't get to live forever.  Peter didn't get to, I won't get to & neither will you. That is why YOU owe it to yourself as an athlete to use your minds hidden  power to supercharge your life & your sport,  and be all that you can be and  can get more life out of your years and live as the MAXIMUM YOU!

This site is now run by me. My name is Chris Cady. I am a hypnotist, sports hypnotherapist who works with athletes & with folks from all walks of life on their mental game (self confidence, mental toughness, self belief, focus). I'm also an entertainer.  Peter was my sports hypnosis mentor. I was Peters student and protege & I'm here to help you & to carry on Pete Siegel's work in sports hypnotherapy. Peter has some awesome self improvement programs for sports, hockey,  golf, bodybuilding, baseball, football, all Olympic sports, self confidence, stress reduction, losing weight, motivation, running, mega self confidence, peak performance and more which have impacted thousands of people and it is my desire to be able to continue to offer them to you. And If you came here looking for a copy of Pete Siegel's  Body Building Book / CD/ Mp3 Sports Hypnosis Program, "Think and Grow Big" you are in the right place. If you have any questions email me at   or call me at 775-425-5847
Meanwhile please enjoy these sports hypnosis videos.

"Now You'll Start To Experience The Maximum Strength Confidence, Vital Positive Energy, And Awesome
Mental Power That  Skyrockets Your Personal Success in and outside of sports.

"Interested?  You Will Upgrade Your Life In Ways You Never Imagined Possible!
(And Like No One Else Can!)" Now... Here’s How You Can Take Advantage Of
His Incredible Personal Improvement Guarantee.

Welcome! As the world's most highly publicized (and foremost) peak performance sports Hypnotherapist, I know there’s a good chance you’re looking for serious self improvement, a greater degree of confidence, and measurable personal increase. Let me tell you, for 30 years now I’ve taught scores of famous sports, business, and entertainment clients my proven self development – and life success secrets -- secrets that produce major life enhancement in and out of sports

Literally, people from all over the world call and email to ask me how they can build solid confidence, strengthen their performance, improve their bodies, increase their income, and accomplish more now — in the shortest time frame possible. And time after time
– through using the acclaimed PowerMind  book/CD/Mp3 downloadable programs you’re about to review - they’re astonished with the striking results my methods help them achieve. (And these very same deeply empowering, life changing self improvement and success results are what I’ll now help you begin experiencing!)

“So you can imagine that, after seeing my methods work so powerfully for thousands of athletes over and over again, I’d ask you to
pay very close attention to what I’m now about to tell you!”

The truth is, experiencing mega personal growth and success  really is a “secret” until you find the right system that works for you. And through my three decades, super high profile career, I’ve developed what is now a worldwide, proven hypnosis system which will provide clear and measurable self confidence, life accomplishment, and personal gain increases... for YOU!

My NO “BS” reputation, and media substantiated experience (as you’re about to see) will now help you “take your life by the horns” so you start thinking, feeling, performing, and achieving at levels that will change your life…forever!

And that’s why I’ve got some truly exciting, good news for you…

“Your search for striking self improvement, self confidence
and measurable success in sports & in everyday life, is about to clearly
provide you amazing personal increase!"

Yes! And I back this up with a full 100% money back guarantee on every single one of my programs! And when you see each title, you’ll quickly know which program is exactly right for you to review and purchase. I know you’ll naturally be interested in the exciting selection of positive change titles you see — so feel free to review and purchase several of the programs you see are directly designed to help you meet your specific need in sports, business, in search for success, peak performance or in daily life.

Winning At Life provides a power packed framework of step by step tools to use that will help you richly connect with people to enjoy a completely rewarding life.
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup For The Soul®
Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

Pete Siegel's programs are a blueprint to help you develop commanding personal power to enrich your life. Use them and thrive!
Joe Weider
CEO/Weider Publications
Creating Publisher Of: Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Flex, Men's Fitness

The Building Super Confidence and Success Mind Sets programs are incredible. Since using Pete Siegel's methods, my closing ratio has increased dramatically. I just had my best year by far. I attribute this to the specific techniques I have learned from Pete. These programs are a must for anyone serious about becoming tremendously effective and successful in business and in life.
Ken Miller
Senior Member/Salomon Smith Barney 401K Advisory Group

Are you still longing for the life of your DREAMS, where you can have all the joy, fulfillment and success that you desire? Or are you simply looking to be the very best you can, always? The remarkable Winning At Life program is the key. In this program you'll discover 26 easy-to-follow secrets to producing the life results you truly want, along with all the reinforcement you need to sustain them.
Sue Quate
Publisher: Vitality Magazine

Winning At Life gives you a rich and practical framework for making the concept ‘if you want to change your world, you must first change yourself’ richly work for your own behalf.
James Van Praagh
Spiritual Medium
#1 New York Times best-selling author Talking to Heaven

Let me tell you, each powerful, information packed, EASY TO USE  self hypnosis programs helps you eliminate your fears, helps you activate your true ability, helps you develop “mountain moving” self confidence and helps you achieve extraordinary personal success breakthroughs the kind that make life say a resounding yes, to YOU! And just imagine how awesome you’ll be when you finally have the key to gaining the mental power which creates this kind of standout success in life. Well now, you’re about to have it!

And that’s why my uncompromising, iron clad promise to you is – through using my Power Mind programs you see are clearly targeted to help you with your specific needs in sports, in business, in school you name it

“You'll now start getting what you want in life —
Yes, fully and decisively.
And my decades of proven experience will be personally helping and coaching your progress every step of the way!”

Hey – this promise is not the empty, unsubstantiated “puffery” so many internet wanna-be’s throw at you. No. Check out my personal bio, extensive client list, and voluminous media appearances list, and you’ll see that I deliver big and keep delivering big for you!

Whether you’re looking to build incredible self confidence, make more money, skyrocket your self esteem, become totally positive and emotionally strong, generate commanding peak performance (in sports, and in life), or transform your physical body – and your personal situation – into the embodiment of total, consummate success, the programs you’re about to review will help you notably achieve these conditions... yes -- Guaranteed!

To climb the success ladder ever higher, you must get the most and best out of yourself — and enlist the support and goodwill of others.  Winning At Life gives you easy to apply, practical strategies enabling you to accomplish both!
Robert G. Allen
Author of New York Times best sellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

Whether it's an impending marathon or million dollar corporate deal that causes self doubt and fear to impede your best performance, Pete Siegel's Building Super Confidence is the solution.  For any person trying to break new ground, Pete's Hypnosis program will definitely empower you with the confidence it takes. This is no psychoanalytical tirade; it's a well-thought, objective approach to building inner strength and stability.
Laura Dayton
Executive Editor: Women's Fitness International

Pete’s brutal honesty, while still being caring and understanding, has helped take my game to the next level.  Through his methods, I’ve come to understand my strengths, and have built up my weaknesses.  And in doing so, I have become notably more confident and self-assured -- both on and off the course. Working with Pete - and using Success Mind Sets and Bringing Forth The Zone - has decidedly helped me improve the quality of my golf game; Pete Siegel’s influence has helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams...making the PGA Tour.
James McLean
PGA Golf tour playing professional

Peter Siegel’s motivational book Winning At Life is an efficient tool that can help readers move away from their painful pasts, and guides them toward living a life of love, joy and fulfillment in the present.
Dr. John Bradshaw
Author of best-selling books Homecoming and Healing the Shame that Binds You

Excellence can only be achieved through the complete mental/physical application of self...without compromise.  The Building Super Confidence and Living Invincibly Positive systems provide you a step by step progression for developing the key mental components to excellence – a power self image, and solid, unwavering confidence. In fact, Pete Siegel's methods have impressed me to a degree where I now use them personally, and have applied them within my coaching of players.
Bob Casullo
NFL Special Teams Coach/Seattle Seahawks

Pete's books are genuine breakthroughs in mind-expanding material. They're eye-opening, inspiring, informative, and designed to do one thing -- Get Results! I love them and suggest you get all of them. After all, you want more out of life don't you? Invest in yourself and the returns will be multiplied ten-fold--or more!
Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of " The Greatest Money Making Secret In History!" The Attractor Factor", "How To Attain Your Desires" (volumes 1 & 2) and many others

Yes, you'll now enjoy the exciting, total success impact benefits of my programs. And you’ll find it totally easy to decide which hypnosis programs you should order, so the change and improvement you’re looking for starts becoming your incredible fact of life. I can’t tell you how many people, in all walks of life, have achieved what they previously thought “impossible” through using my mega-results, breakthrough programs. And I fully guarantee…now you will too!

Go For It, enjoy, richly prosper...and thrive!
God bless,
Peter C. Siegel, R.H ( Registered Hypnotherapist).

P.S. Remember that each of my hypnosis programs are thorough results proven, and fully backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. For 30 years now, I’ve taught scores of pro athletes, business people, celebrities, and success / self improvement strivers (just like you) how to create solid, personal change magic in their lives. And now, through the life enhancing impact of each PowerMind program, I’ll do the very same for you!

And as you now take a closer look at the exciting PowerMind titles, you’ll easily know which programs are exactly right for you to review and purchase! Yes -- so the solid personal gain, vital personal power, confidence fueled actions, and measurable success increase you want…starts becoming your personal, concrete fact!

* You also receive an exciting, life effectiveness strengthening,
Free Personal Development Gift with each program you order!
Listen To Sports Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel Podcasts!

1) Interviewed By Ilene Dillon M.S.W
The "Full Power Living" Show Topic: "The Mental 'Secrets' To Having A Great Day!"

2)    Interviewed by Dr. Joe Vitale
Topic: Super Human Self Confidence

3.)    Interviewed by Ilene Dillon M.S.W.
The “Full Power Living” Show
Topic: Conquering Bad Luck

4.)    Interviewed By Dr. Pat Baccili
Host: The Dr. Pat Show
Topic: The Faith That Makes Life Say YES!

5.)    Interviewed By Frank Gasiorowski
Host: Power Talk Radio
Topic: Power For Living -- Don't Let Frustration Kill Your Dreams,
Let It Make You Stronger...And MORE Determined!

6.)    Interviewed by Vicki St. Clair
Host: Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair
Topic: The Confidence And Power To Weather Life's Storms

7.)    Interviewed By Dr Pat Baccili
Host: Street Smart Spirituality? (KKNW 1150 AM)
Topic: Creating Notable Personal Increase! (The Formula©)

8.)    Interviewed by Ilene Dillon
Host: The Full Power Living Show (
Topic: What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Only Succeed!

9.) Interviewed By Dr Pat Baccili
Host: The Dr. Pat Show? (KKNW 1150 AM)
Topic: Honoring - And Empowering - Your Self!

10.)    Interviewed by Ilene Dillon
Host: The Full Power Living Show (
Topic: Engaging The Power Of New Possibility Thinking  FREE Life Success Manuals

Start taking charge of life -- your life! Go ahead and order any of my self confidence, spots improvement mental game conditioning programs or  success manuals including “Taking Fear Out Of Your Future” and “I Am Resolved!” Thousands worldwide have already found them to be a free first step to enjoying incredibly successful living – you will too!

See Sports Hypnotist Pete Siegel
Streamed Video
National TV Segments:
(Pete Siegel was A Frequent TV Guest Expert. View Several Of His Compelling TV Discussions & Sports Hypnotherapy Mental conditioning Demonstrations

Here are some of Peter Siegel's books

How To Skyrocket Super Good Luck

The Formula

Using Your Stress To Fuel Your Success!©

Building Super Confidence

Winning At Life
Success Mind-Sets
Living Invincibly Positive!

Sports Peak Performance Training
(For Players & Competitors in every sport including football, baseball, hockey, boxing, wrestling, hockey, tennis track & field , volleyball body building weight lifting, swimming, and more...

Steppin' Up To Mega-Muscle And Power!©

Think & Grow BIG© ( for bodybuilders)

Stayin' On Track Weight Loss Hypnosis  Program

Mental Streams Of Power

The Diet Support-Friend Weight Loss Program

Power Woman (Mega-Empowerment For Women!)

Super Mental Toughness For Golf

Bringing Forth The Zone (golf mental game conditioning)

Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© (Golf)

No B.S Super Mental Toughness For Hockey Players
No B.S Super Mental Toughness For Basketball Players"
Badass Baseball Secrets No B.S Super Mental Toughness For Baseball
Hypnotized For Hockey

The Psychology Of Peak Performance
Quotes That Inspire Ideas That Empower

A prolific hypnotherapy, self-development, life transformational author, he's had over 250 articles published in 50 different magazines. He's written and produced 25 self help book / CD programs and mp3 downloads which provide people with incredible positive change/success strategies, enabling them to decisively break through past limitations, and live rich, successful lives – completely free of inhibition and fear.


            He and his mental game training programs have been featured in the L.A. Times, Newsday, Sacramento Bee, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Physical, Men's Fitness,

Sport, Runner's World, Fitness Runner, Shape, Best Body, Glamour, Self, Family Circle, Canadian Living, Women's Fitness International, Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine, Playboy, The Daily News, Men's Health, Great Life, Fitness RX, Let's Live, Great Life, Baseball Weekly, Iron Man, Tennis, Max Muscle Sports & Fitness, Exercise For Men,

Los Angeles Magazine, Oxygen, Surfer, Spin Magazine, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips, Golf Today, Golf Illustrated, Golf Digest, Florida Golf Magazine, Golfer's Guide,
Southland Golf Magazine, Personal Excellence, Going Bonkers Magazine,
The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

            Demonstrations of his work with professional athletes, entire teams, and peak life performers has appeared on VH1, HBO Sports (Real Sports with Bryant Gumble), The Jenny Jones Show, Fox Sports Net (Best Damn Sports Show Period), The Golf Channel, KABC, KNBC, KCAL, KCBS, KTTV, KTLA, KCOP, KCRA, OCN, Prime Ticket, ESPN, CNN, NBC, CTV (national Canadian TV), and Fuji TV (national Japanese TV) network news programs.

It does not matter if you play golf, bowling, basketball, baseball, pickleball, football, gymnastics, hockey,  body building,  or any other sport.
Just ask Michael Jordan or any hall of fame player in any sport and they will tell you that it is the "mental game" that separates the good players from the GREAT players.


If you came here looking for a downloadable copy of Pete Siegel's  Body Building Book / CD/ MP3 Sports Hypnosis Hypnotherapy  Program " Think and Grow Big"
Its listed at the top of this page.
WE even have self confidence programs for  former athletes who want to reconnect with their former super high levels of self confidence.
Hypnosis is BETTER THAN any performance enhancing drugs. Plus hypnosis is LEGAL! The power of the subconscious mind is more powerful than drugs and always has been.

With Pickleball overtaking Tennis   you can get a significant mental edge by incorporating  mental game training into your Pickleball  using hypnosis and visualization. It will help you with  CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS and  bringing on the Zone on command.

Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel bodybuilder demonstrates lifting massive amounts of weights in the gym
Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel bodybuilder
Pete Siegel
Sports Hypnotherapist
"Age is never A Factor
State of Mind IS!"


golfers, baseball,
basketball players,
football players,
hockey players, 
soccer players, wrestlers, bodybuilders
and power lifters,  swimmers, gymnasts
bowlers & everyone else
who plays a competitive sport.

We have the confidence, focus & mental conditioning
and training programs that you need to compete at your full potential.

Pickleball players With Pickleball overtaking Tennis   you can get a significant mental edge by incorporating  mental game training into your Pickleball  using hypnosis and visualization. It will help you with  CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS and  bringing on "The Zone" on command for this fun and growing sport.
Peter Siegel
Americas # 1 Sports Hypnotherapist
golf hypnosis book bringing forth the zone by sports hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
winning at life peter siegel book
Thinkand Grow Big bodybuilding sports hypnotherapy hypnosis book by Peter Siegel
"Think and Grow Big Bodybuilding Book & Mp3
Sports Hypnosis Program." By Pete Siegel
sports peak performance mega success programing hypnosis every sport peter siegel basebal basketball hockey gymnastics soccer tennis
Super mental toughnes for golf sports hypnotherapy cd and book
peter siegel sports hypnotherpaist bodybuilding book steppin up to mega muscle and power

Super Mental Toughness For Golf. How To Master Golfs Mental Game
And Lower Your Score, Cure The Yips, Golf With Confidence, Focus, Mental Toughness
Using Hypnosis

Sports Peak Performance Mega Success Programming
Mental Training Processes To Help Athletes Gain A Decided Competitive Edge
(Designed For Use By Competitors In Every Sport)

Building Super Self Confidence
is an incredible book & CD or mp3 download that will transform your life

Steppin Up To Mega-Muscle and Power!
Body Building Book & Hypnosis CD / Mp3's
(Endorsed By Joe Weider Himself)
building super self confidence self belief book and cd by peter siegel hypnotherapist
The NO B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Basketball Champions

Switch On
"The Zone," Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Intensity, Speed, Laser Focus, Accurate Shots
Dominance, Power, Drive, That Creates Champions and WINS Games.

Fear, Anxiety, Over thinking, Negative Mental Chatter,  Distractions, Wimpy Thoughts and Half Assed Effort
That LOSES Games.

The Breakthrough Mental Conditioning Program Used By NBA BASKETBALL PLAYERS
TO Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

The NO B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Soccer Champions

Switch On
The Zone, Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Intensity, Speed, Laser Focus, Accurate Shots
Dominance, Power, Drive, That Creates Champions and WINS Games.

Fear, Anxiety, Over thinking, Negative Mental Chatter,  Distractions, Wimpy Thoughts and Half Assed Effort
That LOSES Soccer Games.

The Breakthrough Mental Conditioning Program Used By SOCCER  PLAYERS
TO Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

If you are a bowler
who is SERIOUS
about taking your bowling to
a whole new level
almost overnight
working on your MENTAL GAME
using hypnosis will help you
get to where you want to be as a bowler

Who Lift Weights!
This Book
Takes YOUR
Workouts To A Whole NEW Level

Hockey puck
When you play hockey it does not matter what your position
is or in you play in NHL OR CHA  Canadian Amateur Hockey, American Hockey League,  National League,  KHL, NCAA or WHL or any other hockey league somewhere on earth. YOU MUST have MEGA HIGH LEVELS OF SELF CONFIDENCE
super mental toughness for hocky hypnosis program
To Learn more
click the hockey photo above.

The World Cup
The Ultimate No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Hockey Players
With Hypnosis Training Manual Book, CD, mp3
Available Soon

The breakthrough CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS program that makes hockey players go from ordinary to extraordinary and gives you the winning advantage
Until now this has ONLY been available to NHL HOCKEY TEAMS
Who hired Peter Siegel.
For the first time ever it will be available to serious hockey players
of all levels.
success mind sets peter siegel book
top 10 proven ways to skyrocket good luck peter siegel book
the formula peter siegel book success program
I am a competitor sports mental game training book peter siegel
winning at life hypnosis book cd  by peter siegel
mental breakfast of champions sports hypnotherapy peter siegel
Peter Siegel Sports Hypnotherapist
Chris Cady Sports Hypnotherapist talks about the mental game in sports using hypnosis & training with Peter Siegel
Building Super Self Confidence
This is an incredible self confidence
training program for men and women.

Here are a few links
to some really amazing
sports hypnosis
and hypnotherapy
for male and female athletes in every sport
who want to train
the mental side of their sport
There is golf, bowling, pickleball, soccer, basketball, baseball,confidence
and other information
on hypnosis and hypnotherapy too.

Bowlers if you are looking for a way to bowl better in  bowling tournaments
or if you want to bowl at a level that will get you into the PBA and bowling at a very high level
There is a great mental game training program on the  site

that will help you improve your bowling very quickly and bowl with  focus, consistency and confidence.

There are more of Sports Hypnotist Peter Siegel's and Chris Cady's
motivational and hypnosis programs
on the site below.

If you are an athlete looking for a Sports Hypnotherapist to help you take your
playing to a a very high competitive level with mental game training
you can learn more about  Sports Hypnotist Chris Cady who was trained by Pete.

There is information here that will help baseball players, golfers, football players, hockey,
basketball, tennis players, gymnastics, boxers  and pretty much athletes in every sport  to get into the zone
and perform at their best especially in a clutch.

Athletes who are also creative or play music:

Need Self Confidence for your creative artistic activities?
I hope that you read about and purchase  Pete Siegels program Building Self Confidence which is a  great book and Hypnosis program
that you can use to help boost your self confidence.  You will find it here on this site.Its  very comprehensive and you can use it  for a general overall feeling of self confidence that can be applied  to any area of your life

If you are a musician musician, singer, guitar player, song or book writer, creative person or have a fear of of public speaking
and you came here looking for because you are being held back by lack of confidence,  fear, stage fright or anxiety and you are looking for how to get over your stage fright, performance anxiety or you have writers block there are self confidence  programs that are more specific to the problems of  musical and creative people and Hypnotist  Chris Cady created several hypnosis programs books, downloads and CDs that were created specifically for overcoming performance anxiety and stage fright, writers block and all of the confidence issues that are unique to musicians, performers, entertainers and writers  you can find them here at

Much of the confidence building solutions that you will find in these programs come from the Hypnosis training that Pete and Chris did  with athletes.
Chris tweaked them so that they work for  musicians, public speaking and creative people such as writers. These mental game training programs work because
pretty much everyone can benefit from some degree of  improved self confidence and most people have some degree of fear of failure and performance anxiety which is stage fright even if the stage is just your own living room. In the case of a writer or artist their audience is invisible.

This program has helped many athletes and non athletes improve their self confidence so that they could write or perform outside of sports.

From an article in bodybuilding magazine
about Sports Hypnosis Training With
Hypnotist Pete Siegel & Bodybuilder
Andreas Cahling

Super Mental Toughness For Baseball aka
Badass Baseball Secrets
Breakthrough Mental Game Hypnosis Program
For Baseball Players
Scott Spiezio MLB Angels,Cardinals, Mariners, A's
Super Mental Toughness For Football. How To Master Footballs Mental Game
and become more MENTALLY TOUGH using hypnosis.
it will take you to another website that I also control
you are safe there too.


Want to learn
Sports Hypnosis?
Click here
to learn more about my
special 4 day
Sports Hypnotherapy
With Pickleball being such a fun and fast growing sport
we are now coaching competitive Pickleball players
who play in tournaments and want help with  confidence, focus
and playing, "In the zone"
With Pickleball overtaking Tennis   you can get a significant mental edge by incorporating  mental game training into your Pickleball  using hypnosis and visualization. It will help you with  CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS and  bringing on the Zone on command. If you are interested in using hypnosis for Pickleball please see one of the links above for information.